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First of all I would like to say I am a black lady, 28 years old and have two young children. I am sick and tired of being discriminated against.

I work in real estate so I carry a big purse with me.

I have been discriminated on two separate occasssions. The first was when I was walking in. The second time was when I was looking through my purse for something for a client. On both occassions they called their security code.

(Code Adam). It is quite obvious that Code Adam is a security code to watch someone who is stealing.

How ironic that this was called right when I was walking in and the second time searching my bag. Do you suspect every black female of stealing when she carrys and opens a big purse?

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Yes. Yes Rainta.

We honkies DO believe that black females are stealing when we see them carrying and opening a big purse.


Really Rainta? REALLY????


I'm not racist at all, but I'm sick of hearing minorities complain about being discriminated against due to their color...unfortunately its mainly the minorities that are causing all the issues and giving their race the bad name, if your that pissed off about it blame your own race for whats happening to you


really you shouldnt post *** stuff unless you really know what your talking about. Code Adam is for a missing child.

They don't usually judge people by black people walking into a store with a big purse, if that was the case they would have to jugde just about everyone. My store won't let anyone in or out of the store if there is a code Adam in progress.


Really Code Adam is for a missing Child you said your work in real estate! I guess you dont have to be bright to do it! why are you so paranoid?


Almost all store use Code Adam when a child is missing. Not just Walmart.

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S he carries a big purse so she can steal stuff!!!


What does working in real estate have to do with carrying a big purse?


WOW! You really are a ***.

Code Adam is a missing child.

Associates cover all the door while others search the store, the child is usually in the toy or electronics department.

I beleive that paramoid people usually have a good reason to be! What have you dtolen in the past.


I'm a 26yo Black woman, who lives in Ohio - so I feel your plight. It's gotten to the point that I dion't even carry a purse in some stores. However, "Code Adam" does indicate that a child is mising.


a code adam means there is a kid that got separated from their parents

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