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On July 6 th 2014 I went to Walmart in merced, ca. (Only one in town) to return an electronic item I'd purchased not realizing that it did not proform the functions of Which I was looking. As I presented the customer service worker with the item to be returned, she informed me that a "CUST. SERV. Mang."was required due to the fact I had misplaced my receipt, and the item was over 50 dollars in cost.I was "shocked, humiliated, belittled and angered"by what happened next... the C.S.M. told me as "at lease 8 or more customers listened and waited to address their consumer related issues"that he would "not"make my return because and I quote..."it's a high priced item, and around here (meaning merced, ca.) When black people make returns without the receipt, it's normally stolen"...I was so upset about this incident that it took me 2 days and 17 hours to become calm enough to write this. My entire family has shopped at walmart since they came to be all over the nation and I'm sad to say, that will nolonger be, unless I'm contacted and provided with an apology, and yet a solution for my embarrassment, my "total" disrespect and mistreatment. ..I hope no one has to endure a "racist returne"..... Chris m. Ray, Los Banos, ca...

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Really seems like if there was a shred of evidence to back this up one of the more ratings based news services would've picked this up in a heartbeat. This sounds COMPLETELY implausible.


Sadly here in the Cleveland area people returning items without reciepts because they are really stolen is an everyday occurrence. It is not only a single race of people but a class of people--those with little to no class.

Unfortunately in this area many lower class are black and in other areas they are white and others Hispanic. It is the lack of class in people who think it is OK to steal from one store and then return it for $$ in another citing "lost my receipt". I started to throw all my receipts into a gallon ziplock bag one for each month. When that month comes around again, I empty the old receipts and now place the new ones in it.

I have to remember to empty my pockets and purse daily into the "receipts" box on the kitchen table or this system does not work for me. Sorry you legitimately had this experience, but sadly those before you have left a bad taste in many businesses mouths are you are left to pay for it.

First Born Triplet

I think you are angry that you cannot make the return without the receipt that you lied and said he said those things. I doubt he said that black people return stolen goods in front of everyone, if he did we would have all heard about it or someone would have stood up for you. You have to play by the same rules and not play the race card when things don't go your way.


He probably said "We can't return without a receipt because it may be stolen", which is a good policy to have and you turned it into a race thing.

It's not a race thing.


I don't believe a word of this person's complaint. Sounds like a shakedown attempt for a payout, in my opinion, and the OP is definitely wasting their time.


I do believe that they did not want to do the return without a receipt, especially for a high dollar return. Retailers are not required to process a return or exchange without a receipt.

It is your own fault if you did not keep your receipt for an expensive electronic item. That is not racism, it is policy and common sense.

As for what you claim they said about black people, that I find hard to believe. I think maybe you are exaggerating, or perhaps that is what you expected them to say so you think you heard it.


This doesn't make sense. If it doesn't make sense, it probably isn't true.


LOL, Ok Judge Judy...