Grapevine, Texas
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Been doing good with Wally World for awhile after having some problems. Went into a different Wal-mart for a change in Grapevine and was followed by security all thro the store.

I finally said to one of them why they was following me? They said they weren't. I mean come on foos, I seen yo face in every aisle I been in, foo. When I was leaving that was the final straw.

The alarm went off cause I had an item the cashier didn't scan. Crack a door greeta came over and did everything but strip search me. She basically accused me of stealing.

I nearly smacked that old crack a up her head. I am filing a discrimination complaint against this store now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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maybe if you got an education and learned how to SPEAK and write clearly you wouldn't be "profiled" like you claim.

I would also be your pants were half way down your rear instead of at your waist where they should be!!


YOU'RE claiming discrimination after calling a greeter a crack a? Racist thing to say, don't you think?

First Born Triplet

She is not racist, she is trolling, she has accused various companies of racism and used racist slang. Yeah she is using racial slurs but not to insult but to troll.


Don't you have some welfare check to collect? Go away.


I wish you were funny. Sadly, you're not.

Even white people get stopped like that. It's not unheard of.


*** toad...You deserved to be ejected and arrested...Everyone who reads this is now dumber for just having seen it in print.


what is a foo?


*** *** honky foos, I ain't no troll. Callin those you disagree with trolls. Shoot


You do know that Walmart doesn't have security guards don't you? They have loss prevention associates who dress in regular clothing and try to catch people stealing (which is their job).

Stolen and damaged items do affect employee bonuses.

Plus, stealing is wrong.

I gave up when you said "***." You are the type of person furthering the stereotype that black people search for excuses to cry racism.

@duh huh

I agree


Folks, this is a habitual writer of fake racism complaints. It is just some ignorant, uneducated azzhole.

First Born Triplet

Agrees she made 24 complaints and most if not all of them accuse various companies of being racist. In the posts she herself makes racist comments about whites.


Nope, not real. Fake review if there ever was one. Shame on you for faking.


You strike me as being the racist. Door Greeters don't search a person.

They go through your purchases and compare them with your receipt. Grow up!


What is a "crack a door greeta?" is that some sort of locksmith?


You stole it stop crying and take responsibility for your actions.