Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
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Update by user Oct 16, 2016

I would like to add that the monitors of this site are just as racist. They have not deleted racist comments against me but when I went to defend myself they deleted my comments.

No one else was there and one person falsely accused me of overhearing about a lost wallet, and pretending to claim it was mine. This is not the case and making a false accusation like that is considered libel just so you know.

Original review posted by user Oct 15, 2016

While shopping at your store in Philadelphia I happened to have lost my wallet. Luckily it was turned in.

When I went to tell the person at customer service desk that I lost my wallet they called the LP. I guess that they are the ones that lost wallet's are turned to. They asked for ID. I had all my ID in my wallet.

But I guess they are allergic to black people and think that they are thieves. Come on if I did not lose my wallet why would I know about a lost wallet. They probably thought that I was lying because I am black and that I was hoping a random wallet was turned in. I told him I had no ID because it was in my wallet.

They then asked me for my name. I asked why they needed my name. They said to verify that it is my wallet. Because of their racist attitude they did not believe me.

I refused to give them my name. They refused to give me the wallet until I finally gave them my name and the contents of the wallet which I am not required to but had to anyway because they are allergic to black people and think all black people are thieves. They also lied to me and said that it was store policy to ask for proof of identity so they can cover up for their racist. I know I should not have given them my name, but they would not have given me my wallet back unless I gave them my name I will never be back, neither would my husband or my daughter.

My daughter loves shopping there and I told her if I caught her shopping there I would disown her because by shopping at the racist store she not only turns her back on her parents but the black community as well. This LP needs to learn customer service skills, he is either a racist, or has poor customer service skills or both.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I lost my wallet recently at a public park. Thankfully it was turned in to the police department.

I went to pick it up and they asked me for my name so they could verify it was indeed my wallet. I wasn't offended in the slightest.


I would like to add that the monitors of this site are just as racist...

What you mean is moderator.


hey, monitors can be racist. I see the way mine looks at me when i come into the room, all judgemental and whatnot.


The point here is the OP has a legitimate complaint. These people are dumb and racist as she suggested.

The OP had her name and face on the wallet. Unless she is one that has no name or face on the wallet they are the ones that are dumb.

They should have asked the OP to describe the wallet instead of judging her because of her skin color. I am sorry that this racist incident happened to you and the racist people posting negative comments.


So you, the OP, are replying to your own thread, but pretending to be someone else.



I saw that too and laughed and laughed. What a big d u m m y.


Lol what I am trying to figure out is unless you're one of the very few people who have their names or faces on their wallets (I'm guessing said wallet has no name or face) how would they no if they wallet belongs to you by your i.d? They should have asked you to describe the wallet.

Dumb people.

You have to have an iq of under 5 to work at walmart these days. Sorry it happened to you.




Hey, ***. You expect us to believe this rant?

Anyone with the brains of a gnat knows your diatribe is nonsense. You would be better off trying to find a job with your limited skills instead of wasting your time playing with a computer.


You refused to provide your name? Not only are YOU a racist, you are also immature and ignorant.

OF COURSE they are going to ask you for your name! You could have easily overheard someone discussing a lost wallet in the store and decided to try to claim it as your own. The fact you didn't want to give your name is proof positive to me that you are a troublemaker and you are trying to stir up trouble. Truth be told, you probably are hoping Walmart will offer you free gift cards or some other sort of nonsense.

The only thing you got right in your complaint is your username, i.e. "RacistSalesperson".

I don't know where you work as a salesperson, but that name seems perfect for you! GROW UP and get counseling!


You know that by falsely accusing me of overhearing about a lost wallet and claiming it as my own is considered libel right? You can get into serious trouble for making false accusations you know.

THat being said not all blacks are crooks, and obviously you are racist yourself thinking that I want a gift card. Had you read my letter you would see that I won't be back. Not to a store that is allergic to blacks.

As for the racist salseperson thing, that username was not for me but for someone who gave my husband racist treatment at home depot. Unless you are black you don not know what racism is all about.