Rocky Mount, Virginia

I was in Walmart on the morning of Thursday, October 3 and was checking out. As I always do, I make a point to say "Good morning" to the cashier. This cashier ignored me. Now, this in and of itself is not a big deal. I don't expect every cashier to respond. However, the events that took place after really put things in perspective. As I always do, I lift the heavierand/or bulky items for the cashier to scan in order to save them some trouble. As I was holding a large package of paper towels, the cashier yelled loudly, in a very angry tone, "The barcode is on the bottom!" This didn't sit well with me and I was shocked. Then, I held up a 24 pack of soda for her to scan. After she scanned it, she pushed it back at me with force.

Now, this cashier and I are of two different races and, like I said before, she said nothing to me other than when she yelled at me. However, when several people walked by that were the same race as her, she had no problem speaking to them. This shocked me even more. When I walked away, I told her to have a nice day and, again, I was ignored.

I understand that these cashiers can sometimes have a stressful job or that anyone can have a bad day, but this cashier was a flat out racist ***. I called the Walmart corporate headquarters the next day and reported this incident.

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I think it is you that is racist against the cashier by automatically thinking her behavior had to do with racism. Your attitude had a lot to do with her behavior.

You people think you can behave anyway you want, like buffoon's even and play the race card when someone tells you your behavior is wrong. That is not how it works. Leave this country if you are going to act this way. You would not like it if whites came to Africa, acted like buffoon's and played the race card when told that their behavior was not appropriate.

She had no issues with the people of the same race because they know how to behave in public.

I am sure headquarters had a laugh at your expense. The true racist is you.


This ignorance in customer service is quite typical in Virginia. Yes, I agree with the person who is telling you about this.

For some reason when I walk around with a backpack in any store in the area here (I live in Fredericksburg, VA) I get profiled and when I go into the same Walmart with a professional outfit on, I get the utmost respect. I have been in the medical business and they are the worse when it comes non existent customer service.

I have no answer to "hello" either and when I see another person walk up to the same individual, they say hello to that person. I feel it may not be so much as prejudice, but more I went to school with them.

Or I came to the conclusion that most people born in this state do not like strangers.

I have been accused of being a wild woman in my vocation, where the Optometrist's spouse went to jail for embezzling in a senator's campaign fund and she was forgiven.

So before you jump to conclusions in the state of Virginia, just simply say hello (ignore) and say have a nice day as I learned the hard way. Oh, they also have enough friends, so don't go around and ask for friendship.

They won't hire you, either. There family will not be able to get off the welfare.


Typical Obama supporter, just sayin.


I agree the cashier was being a *** but racism? She was probably on her monthly and would have been rude and *** to anyone in line, white or black.


Rude and insensitive does not equal racist.

But calling it racists equals racist.

Think about it. 8)


LTCC! You are usually so perfect!

I would think you could spell "whining"!!! Time to take a break!


Dear Anonymous on a crusade to stamp out whinning.....

#730759 happy I am in your empty head....looks like you got me on the mind.....but no dear....not me


so let me get this straight. the person complaining is a *** and a baby right?

why? he/she doesn't appreciate getting yelled at? also this person was shoved. what i'm getting from "some" of the previous comments, is that shoving someone is appropriate customer service?

who knew. :roll


Where does it say that the customer was "Shoved"?


He said the cashier pushed the 24 pack of soda back at him with force.


Oh,the soda was shoved. Quick - somebody call Dr. Pepper!!!


PEOPLE that comment on here are SEXUAL deprived CREEPS that come on to get a reaction from the PISSEDCONSUMER. They have a place to attack and re attack AS long as you comment back to them they will keep GOING.

they even have multiple names they post under!! KEYBOARD WARRIORS getting off ON upset PISSEDCOSUMERS!!


Did anyone who is criticizing this guy even read what he wrote in its entirety? He obviously was trying to save the cashier some trouble by saving her a trip around the counter by picking up the heavy and bulky items for her to scan.

And he said that she talked to other customers who were the same race as her while blatantly ignoring him. On top of all that, she pushed at item back at him with force which is a no no. He was obviously trying to be nice to her.

The person who made the comment that this guy was a *** to the cashier obviously doesn't get it either. Where I come from, saying good morning and have a nice day are common courtesy.


and i know, until i get shoved by a store employee, i haven't had a decent shopping experience. yelling is a start, but i have to be pushed and shoved to get my stamp of approval with regards to customer service. otherwise i don't go back.......



The guy himself is racist.


"Good morning!"

"What do you mean?" "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is morning to be good on?"

JRR Tolkien - The Hobbit.

It's not just cashiers who get annoyed by that greeting !!

@ Mettopoly - Nail on the head there by all accounts :grin :grin


.. ah, play the old "racist" card to stir up a storm in a tea-cup over a NON event eh ..

? If I whined like that about all the people I deal with like that every day in my job, then 3/4 of the planet could be construed as being "racist". Get over it, being rude isn't an indication of being racist at all, it's just a lack of manners or maybe she'd had a hard day or been given bad news or whatever ..

but hardly makes her out to be a racist ! On either side of a business transaction, use that phrase with the cavet that the implied insincerity will occasionally irritate people, probably because they are not having a nice day or are expecting it to get worse.


Glad you reported it. It needs to be reported.

If more people of color report it they will be able to FIRE Her FOR THIS BEHAVIOR. If you do not speak up it doesn't help the store at all.

Managers want to know what turns off customers it all in the NUMERS!! Lost profit for the store because of a BAD APPLE!!


It never said ther person was"of color" as you put it. It said race....the customer could have been white or native american...or anything...amazing people assume racism is against african americans.