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On Radio Shack ad flyer for 12-13-09 they advertised several computers. Radio Shack and walmart both had computers I was interested in. I called several radio shacks in the Greater Houston, TX area and was told there where NO computers (the one I was interested in) in ANY of the Radio Shacks. Excuse have ran a sells flyer and have NONE of the products in any stores in Houston? Radio Shack you can't sell from an empty wagon. I went online and it said that the computer I was inquiring about was "available in stores". What a Joke. So then, I proceded up to my nearest radio shack, and told the counter help. "look I am interested in this computer...but I would like to see it, smell it, touch it before I buy it"! I also told him "I have money in hand if you can get one here"! His only comment was he could get it there in several days. ha ha ha ha ha ha. My comment back was in several days I won't need one.

In comes walmart. So I head to my closest walmart. And computer #2 on my selection. They had also ran a sells flyer 12-13-09. Of course, they just sold there last one. BUT I run into either a sales rep. or manager of several walmarts in that area. His name is OSCAR! He wouldn't let me leave. He called every walmart in the area! Finally after about 6 calls, he finds a walmart with several still in stock. 10 mile drive(which is nothing in Hou. tx) and I am looking, feeling, touching and "getting" in a new box is a computer! GOOD JOB WALMART, AND GOOD JOB OSCAR!

I like Walmart. And shopping at walmart is scientific. Yes, they are big. Yes, the stores are packed. But it seems they go out of their way to help customers, and they usually have the item I am interested in at some location. Plus everytime I have returned at item (with legal reciept), I have had no problems other than a wait in line.

Score walmart 1 big sell and happy customer

Radio Shack 0 sells and probably won't look at a flyer again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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