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My wife my 2 little girls and I walked into the store and proceeded to the returns department to exchange a shirt I had purchased for my 4 year old daughter that was too small. We waited patiently behind the line for 5 minutes before we were called to come forward to make the exchange. We proceeded to the counter and showed the cashier the shirt and receipt. I heard a scream from behind us “uh uh no you don’t!” I looked at my wife with disbelief as the woman pushed my wife aside and demanded the cashier cash her check. I looked the woman in the eye and attempted to explain to her she was latterly out of line and needed to wait her turn. I mentioned I looked into her eyes because her actions and demeanor were so unusual I suspected drug use. Being a former L.A.P.D employee for the head legal council for the los Angeles protective league one becomes acclimated to these situations. Anyway, the more I tried to reason with this woman the more irate she became and started threatening my wife and my family. My wife and I both looked to the cashier to take control and do the right thing but she looked intimated by the woman and didn’t know what to do. I suggested she call a manager to straiten thing out and the assistant manager “Randy” responded to the cashier’s page. “Randy” immediately engnorged the yelling irate and threatening woman who was at this point screaming, yelling and shaking so bad I thought she was going to go into convolutions and attempted to stand in front of my wife and I and the cashier so that the woman could be served. In disbelief I explained what had happened and he was very condescending and nonchalant and treated me like a 45 year old child. How would you feel? I was angry.

My family and I used to frequent Wal-Mart for its conveniences and friendly staff. Lately we try to avoid going there as much as possible. I have tried to explain the situation to my daughters but I find I’m at a loss at what to say. The only thing they learned about this situation is to scream and yell and you’ll get what you want, No thanks To “Randy”. I won’t loose any sleep over this but I do take every chance I get to tell every employee at this store what a *** this guy is and I try to spread as much hostility as I possibly can toward this inept screwball you have promoted to a manager position.

I don’t look forward to any resolution from your department after all these condescending, lack of judgment, week, and characteristics are what you employ and advance. To be completely honest I’m not as concerned as to “Randy’s” lack of knowing what’s right and wrong and how he embarrassed me in front of my daughters as I am for the impact it had on my daughter’s impressionable minds. Target will be opening its doors here in palm coast soon and we will no longer be a Wal-Mart customer. What funny is everybody I tell my Wal-Mart experience to has 4 or 5 horror stories to tell me and they are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Super Target as well

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*Impatient, I wish they would allow us to edit our posts.


Maybe she was inpatient because she needed another "fix".


customer_rep. It is a bit hard to take down a crack-***, but I agree he should have atleast tried.


I agree with customer_rep on in some ways, you should have said to the lady, you me parking lot now. To be honest Randy should have called security, the police, or better yet the mental hospital on her.

Wal-mart sells guns.

This incident should encourage you to buy one. If you had one trust me you would not have need Randy, she would have listened to you.

customer_rep defend

You are yelling about a man who has to deal with degenerate losers on a day to day basis and takes home maybe $30k a yr if he is lucky...he realise his life has gone down the toliet so stop taking it out on him you should have just taken the lady down if she was over reacting as badly as you say.