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Rat was found in the cartoon of apples.

Supplied is to be charged with a penalty for a sum of 3000dhs. As this is is serious case. And needs to be dealt with strictly.

Same complaint was found from other sister concern hotels as well. Also the quality is not as per the standard of our hotels.

We need to ask the supplier to send a credit not or else we are going to discontinue dealing with thier company. And in future they are requested to pack the fruits in the plastic containers and not in the woodern cartoons which is not haccp certified.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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:upset You are just as confused as I am... And, they sound like as though they are too!

:upset Cartoon of apples?

Maybe Sasha found a rat in a wooden carton of apples at Walmart; and, the her sister found a rat in a hotel. I think they want credit or else they won't do business with either company ...

?? maybe ??


Am I the only one that is confused by this complaint? What are they talking about?

The apples with the rat was found at Walmart or in what hotel?? They don't say in this complaint.

It says Walmart in the title but they are mentioning some hotel but don't say which one or at what location! Will someone please explain this?