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I realize that there are thieves in the public. I was doing my regular shopping in Walmart in Poway, Ca.

I needed to purchase some new razor blades which are apparently a high theft item. The display case was locked. I tried to track down an employee to open the case so I could pick out the blades I need. After 3 minutes, I found an employee who stated why didn't I press the call button for assistance.

I politely replied, "What call button"? "Oh it's missing she said, also stating that she doesn't work in that dept., and would call for assistance. After waiting another 5 minutes, the employee with the key showed up, After selecting the blades I wanted, the employee said that I must pay for the blades at the cosmetic counter.

Okay, I went to the cosmetic counter to pay for everything in my cart and was told that because they were so busy, I would have to pay for my other purchases, other than the razor blades, at the regular check out counter. Is it just me, or are these people idiots?

Product or Service Mentioned: Gillette Fusion Razor.

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Well, firstly I question your use of anything Gillette nowadays, but as for Walmart they indeed do have theft problems in certain areas, including toiletries like razor blades. Since blades are now so expensive---ridiculously-so---people tend to "lift" them if they can.

Stores that lock-up products in order to alleviate "shrinkage" need to have readily available personnel to unlock the display when needed. Sadly, Walmart is Walmart and what do you expect?

Good service? Best to shop elsewhere if you wish to be treated like an honest adult.


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