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i ahve been a loyal customer to walmart for years., but this walmart has me not wanting to do bussiness with any walmart. they are very rude to there custan be reached omers and i have been ripped off so much there that it's not funny anymore.

they don't try to make it right with you they just like to stand there and argue with you. like things that are suppose to be on sale when you get up to check out they ring it up full price and when you mention the price scan garantee they don't want to honor it they say they stopped that , well i pointed out at the register to the csm that they did still have the garantee and she still would not honor it . when somethings on sale you shouldn't have to check your reciept before leaving the store to see if it is accurate you should no you got the best buy and that it's accurate.

i really want someone to contact me regarding this and several other matters such as throwing perfectly good food in the trash because it was a return. with the economy the way it is there is alot of hungry people out there that would love to have those thrown away perfectly good can goods or coffee, i can be reached by e-mail or phone @ 570-601-4085 thank you, ruth hill

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well i think when it's sealed items such as can goods or coffee i think thats insane.......

"Someone could easily inject poison through a small needle genius. Shame you would want to risk the health of others because of your poor morals.


Also the reason they throw away perfectly good food is because of nutcases like you who tamper with the food think it is a joke to poke *** in the packaging to make other people sick. You want us to believe that are not giving you items for sale price at least learn how to spell and type better.

I am sure a five year old could do better. Based on your lack of education we can only guess that the problem is that your reading skills are as poor as your writing skills and the fault is because of this.


If your reading skills are as poor as your writing and spelling skills perhaps you misunderstood the price and thought something was on sale when it was not on sale. It is not being rude if they don't give in to you when they are in the right thanks to your misunderstanding because your reading skill are at a second grade level.


Hey mister Bruce. Are you really so *** bored?

And were I to join the Boy Scouts, National Guard and the FBI in the amber alert for your manhood, do I still need my microscope, tweezers and Sylvia Browne's Cold Reading For Dummies? "Somebody around you recently whose name begins with a 'P'?" And BTW, Ann Coulter said something about a '*** exchange' ...she would like to give you hers as long as her boyfriend the Rev Fred Phelps get admire it whenever he comes to town to see his little rentboys.

gotta take better care of it or the Lord might oome down and send you to *** for not taking care of your thing.....and why is it always up some *** lower GI? there has been a revelation....


Ruth - With your intelligence, ripping you off is probably like taking candy from a baby.

And...you be willing to purchase returned food when people have a hard enough time buying a returned hammer?


Real smart posting your phone # Ruth....... By the grammar in your post it shows you are very uneducated but leaving your phone number shows that you also lack basic common sense!!!


I've never had a problem with returns or pricing at Wal_mart. Many times if I find a product with missing parts or slight damage I ask for a discount and they do it.

As far as damaged or unsafe food items being thrown away, Well thank your Govt.

regulators and attorneys for that. If Wal-Mart gives you a product deemed unsafe than they are liable and end in up court paying out millions.


well i think when it's sealed items such as can goods or coffee i think thats insane.......


re: the first post. i am a loyal customer at walmart for years.

thay are very rude to there customers and i have been ripped off so much there that it's not funny anymore,this is a spelling correction to my first post.

those of you who like this please indicate by checking the like box below. thank you, ruth hill


Pretty much every store throws away returned foodstuffs because they cannot ensure that it is safe.