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To Whom It May Concern, My name is, Michael (Mike) J. Avera, and like millions of customers over the years I have used Walmart and Walmart.com for my shopping needs.

But there is a trend now out in the public that Walmart has lost its very core of understanding of who actually owns Walmart. It is the customer period. Without the Customer, there would be no stock shares thus no dividends, there would be no need for stores, employees, stock items for the shelves, and the list can go online for days. This would effect even vendors doing business with Walmart.

If you lost your customers this would be catastrophic and something Walmart could not recover from, on this large of a scale. Since Amazon has arrived along with many other online services, this has cut into an already diminishing market. I too use Amazon as well as other online services but have kept my loyalty based on American Companies using American Companies in using Walmart. But this has gotten worse.

Now onto the reason for this email. On April 22, 2021, after servicing my car a 2016 VW Passat SE at the local Dealer, they advised me I needed tires and made me an offer for installing a New Set of Michelins Tires on my car for the Price of $934.00 installed. But I knew an Auto Dealership was not the best place for prices on new tires, so my online research began. I found out using the Internet that the Cooper Tire CS5 Ultra Touring 215/55R17 94V Tire was superior even to Michelin, at a more reasonable price.

I live in Jacksonville, FL and starting getting online quotes locally at Tire Centers using this exact Tire replacing all 4 tires for even wear. I got 4 quotes as I do in my business life, to ensure I had a good representation of what these tires cost installed. All 4 Local Companies in Jacksonville, FL Mavis Tire Center, Discount Tire, Big Cheif Tire, and Walmart. Everyone of these companies including Walmart.com stated they had all 4 tires in stock and within 2 days of my order could have them installed for me.

I narrowed it down to Mavis Tire Company and Walmart.com using the local Walmart closet location for shipping and installation (Walmart Jacksonville, 7075 Collins Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32244 Tire Center). I had a big business meeting due up on April 29, 2021 that required I be there but traveling on my existing tires that were on my car was out of the question. So I called both Mavis and Walmart.com to confirm indeed these tires were in stock and within 2 days could be ready for installation, I noticed that Walmart.com offered tires using different vendors which meant a possibility for miscommunication.

So I avoided any of these Vendors and went with the Tires shown in Stock at a Walmart Distribution Center and using Walmart Trucks for delivery plus they promised to be at the Local Walmart here in Jacksonville, FL by no later than April 27, 2021. So I paid for and set up the Installation of these tires at the local Walmart Tire Center online and the earliest install date which was April 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM EST which would give them enough time to unpack the Walmart Truck with my tires and I assumed a lot more Inventory for that Local Store as well. I placed the order on April 25, 2021 with Walmart.com and got Confirmation of this order through my email and also inside the online app for Walmart. All seemed okay at this time.

The estimated arrival at the !ocal Walmart here that I set up the installation of the tires themselves was April 27, 2021. Now is where all the incompetent, complete disregard of the customer started with me. On April 27, 2021 I got no email at all stating the tires had been delivered but checked the Walmart App, and found out that they had been delayed to April 28, 2021, and now these Tires that were supposed to be in a Walmart Warehouse was indeed not but was in a Vendors Warehouse and Walmart was now not using their own trucks for my shipment and delivery but another Vendor as well FedEx! How could this happen I thought, because I called before ordering these tires to confirm all the information of Walmart Inventory and use of their own Trucks in shipment (I spoke to someone in the Philippines supposedly a call center for Walmart another lie as this is a subcontractor or vendor used by Walmart) which she barely spoke English (I record all phone calls for business so I have all these phone calls recorded and made them aware of it before the conversation started) much less comprehended their meaning it seems.

So I called back into he customer service line for Walmart and used the prompts to get to speak to someone about my Walmart.com order. The first 2 phone calls on April 27, 2021 I waited on hold for over 30 minutes, only for someone to pick the phone line up and then immediately hang up before uttering one word. The 3rd time calling into Walmart Customer Service I waited for approximately 27 minutes, then someone did pick up and uttered in her worst incomprehensible English what I imaged was Can I help you? I told her my entire story and needed assurances that these tires would indeed arrive at the Walmart I had set up for installation by April 28, 2021, and wanted to know what happened to why this order went from using Walmart Inventory and Walmart Delivery Service's for delivery, to getting these tires from outside vendors and using outside shipping, because if I knew this I would not have ordered these tires from Walmart.com.

I assumed she listened to my entire story and asked me once again in horribly spoken English, What was the reason for me call? I asked her for an American Speaking Representative in the US, which she said Okay placed me on hold again this time for 41 minutes, then someone picked up the phone and immediately disconnected our call!!!!!!! So once again I call back into the Walmart Customer Service Line, and waited this time for 20 minutes after you phone system said I was Number 1 in the Cue the whole time, and finally guess what another filipino living in the Philippines which could care less about a US Citizen with a problem in the US, answered and this time I could not make out anything she said! I asked for a phone representative in the US which this person said she could not do, then hung up!

At this time I gave up on calling into Walmart that day 04/27/2021 and just decided to wait until 04/28/2021 and hoped the tires would be in Jacksonville at the local store and I would stop in at the Tire Center early that morning to make sure everything was a go for installing them at the Set Time of the Appointment I made online. So on 04/28/2021, I headed to Walmart Tire Center on 7075 Collins Rd. Jacksonville,FL 32244 @ 10:30 AM. Once there I gave them my Order Number from the same company they work for (Walmart) and asked to make sure the Tires would be to them on time so that they could install them based on the Previous Appointment I made with them online.

Now this is where its gets real interesting, as the Employee stated the tires were coming not from Walmart at all but an outside Vendor as well as the shipping was not from Walmart but by FedEx and the Tires were at this point a guess now to when they might or might not show up!!!!! He then proceeded to tell me, Never order anything online especially tires from Walmart.com because they are horrible. He even said I got my own personal tires from a local tire store in Jacksonville because it was so bad using Walmart.com . He then said nothing he could do and once again referred me back to the Toll Free Number for Walmart.com for me to get any answers.

I told him my dilemma in doing so based upon my previous recent experience with them. He said he knew how bad it was but nothing he could do. So back home I called into your customer service line twice more only for me to get guess what, your Outsourced Call Center in the Philippines. I waited on hold the first time 37 minutes and without a word spoken the line was disconnected, then on the second call waited, 23 minutes only to get another horribly English speaking filipino that listened to me then told me to wait on hold which I did, then I heard the phone ringing again like I just placed the call, this time someone from Walmart Photo answered and said I had the wrong extension and for me to call back because she could not transfer me to the place I need to be.

Wow this has become a 3 Ring Circus at this point and even now your employees at the store had warned me about how bad this was, never in my lifetime have I had an experience like this. I have already paid for the tires so canceling the order would mean waiting another 5 to 7 business days for a refund, or pay an additional amount at whatever Local Tire Store I chose and wait 2 more days! I waited until today (04/28/2021) thinking if the tires did show up at the local Walmart Tire Center by the end of the day, I could get them installed first thing in the morning there. But guess what they didnt even show up today!

I was so frustrated I was beside myself. I called an old high school friend from Macon, GA where I am from and asked her what her recommendation would be, she said she would have a piece written about it (although not her usual story she covers in the Media but would gladly help) Nancy Grace has a time slot on Fox News where this will air. Yes thats right loaded with all my recorded phone calls, and I even recorded the Employees that told me to stay away from Walmart when ordering anything online. Based on this story I am sure Stock Prices will tumble a bit, but if my tires are not on my car by the end of the day tomorrow and my entire purchase refunded, so that Walmart pays for their mistakes and problems, I have another buddy in the Legal Profession at a Nice Little Law Firm that was successful in suing Wells Fargo Bank, which he said he would be glad to take this case pro bono, which means he would be looking for a much bigger settlement in my case.

I can and will go this route if my demands are not met.

Sincerely, Mike Avera 5498 Ashleigh Park Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32244 (9**)**9-6268

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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LOL..Is there a reason you posted your name and address on a PUBLIC message board that has nothing to do with Walmart? Time to flag your post fool...

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