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I worked there between 1998 2000.Well I was there I was a stocker walking in and out of the freezer.I caught pneumonia 3 months straight missed work and said I needed a doctor's excuse to be off.I did and after the third month they said we can't hold your job any longer we have to let you go.I had all the paper work from the doctor.Now.i need a job and.before even finishing it said you are not eligible for rehire do to me being sick.My doctor filled all papers they needed to save my job but still need help and thinking and wondering if filing a lawsuit would be the way to go?I caught pneumonia 4 months straight and filled a paper work.I feel this was a unfair discharge.HELP SOMEONE PLEASE

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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I know people that are perfectly healthy that live off government benefits (because it's so easy). Maybe look into that. Unfortunately, it's the "American Way" in 2018.


I am a working man.Going on SSA or welfare isn't my way.But I have found a new job since but thanks


Were you a part-time or full-time employee? Had you filed a formal request for a medical leave?


I was a full time employee and it was a total.of 2 months and the doctor wanted to.give it more.time.But I did have my doctor fill out a medical leave but after 3 months they let me go.I wrong but sounds like some wrongdoing here.I kept going back but kept getting sick.


If you continually missed time after your formal medical leave ended you are probably out of luck. It's unfortunate but they need to have employees they can depend on to be there and take care of their customers (just look at the complaints from people because there isn't enough help). It's apparent that you missed quite a bit of time and they had to make a decision to replace you with someone they could count on to be there to take care of their customers.


No I did my job and was there everyday and they said as long as I keep the medical paper active I would be fine.So really it was a wrongful dischsrge


Yes my doctor did what they asked for filled out the form stating I was sick and it was working.But after 3 months they said yes you have a official medical leave as we requested but we can't leave and hold your position so we need to let you go.Put me at the time a financial mess.I wish I had spoke to a Attorney