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Someone in your corporate office needs to reach out to me. ASAP preferably.

I've tried to deal with a certain matter that happened in your store ago. I thought I'd be fine, that I could deal with what happened. I was wrong. Clearly, this isn't something I know how to process and its taken a sizable toll on my life, for far too long.

It was a dreadful experience. Of course every time your online service can't process my order -which IS EVERY TIME I TRY TO USE IT, USUALLY FOR WEEKS ON END- the misery I'm caused by a particular incident that occurred in Walmart quite some time ago, comes flooding over me again.

Noteworthy:time elapsed, I know now has only made this worse for me. Crying as I'm writing this Bc it HAS affected me.if you were to examine my so-called life, you'd see what I mean.

Walmart- you had it on video, the police came out and I want to know WHY nothing was ever done, why? I've kept this to myself for so long.

I was ashamed and embarrassed and I should've never felt so bad about myself, the circumstances. I didn't do anything wrong. AT ALL. I don't care who knows about it now, I didn't do anything wrong.

I was doing my shopping. Looking at the potpourri. It WASN'T MY FAULT, I DID NOT DO ANYTHING bad, immoral or unlawful. Unfortunately, another customer of yours DID.

I can't even do my shopping bc your (so called) services for pick up aren't exactly serving me, although I do find that all a bit odd considering the issues I've had with Walmart to date. Lol. For instance-

The shrink wrap Walmart associates had strewn across the aisle one night. You know that stuff is clear.

So what do you think happened? Bingo. Busted my knee - down like the Hindenburg. I still have knee problems Bc of THAT.

Omg. I never complained Bc Honestly. I didn't know I needed to. They wanted me to fill out a report but I recall being in so much pain, I just wanted to go home.

A couple of ppl have told me you're being discriminatory.

Idk If you are or not. I dont think so, but obviously my judgment is not the best- as in this major issue would've been dealt with already.

You let me know if you're interested in a stroll down memory lane.

You should be, yk. It is urgent. But

You call the ball.

Just please be a decent human being. I'm a 50-year-old woman, I don't have energy for a bunch of unnecessary..extra.

Respectfully, Kip

User's recommendation: Immediate Follow up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Preferred solution: If I knew how to resolve I wouldn’t be here now. .

Location: 6100 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

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