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ATTN: Walmart

on June 7, 2013 I purchased a Ready Pac Bistro Chicken Caesar Salad from Wal-Mart in Clarksville, IN (zip code- 47129) and on June 8, 2013 I decided to take my salad with me to work for lunch. Around 1:00pm I proceeded to eat my salad, two minutes into eating it I felt something crunchy in my mouth to my knowledge I thought it was maybe just a salad leaf or something, but the flavor was disgusting I immediately spitted into the trash and noticed there was a bug in the mix. I immediately went to vomit. That's not the last of it I decided to dig around my salad to check for more and SUPRISE!!!!!! There was a big juicy bug sautéed in my salad with legs and wings still attached. My coworkers took pictures of it amazed and disgusted at the same time. I contacted the Wal-Mart I purchased it from and the manager Tammy acted like it wasn't a big deal and said just bring it back and they will give me another one. I WILL NEVER GET A SALAD FROM WALMART AGAIN. I am truly frustrated and I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that something like this is packaged up in the food we eat. This is beyond unsanitary I don’t even no what type of bug it is I never seen it before something needs to be done about this. I will be contacted the U.S department of agriculture and health department immediately.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Salad.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Disgusting yes. But if you imagine that a flying insect never ever gets into the mix, you are naïve.

It happens. Take the bowl and get your money back, and go ahead and get another Bistro Salad.




You bought food at Walmart, that is just thinning the herd.


This is gross. Please get rid of this post. I keep seeing it on the ads.


She don't grasp it cause ready pack ain't got enough ma ma ma money. she look'n for free ride. You come out of your house each day, you don't see nonevof us complaining having to breath your ignorant air.


You planted it there, no bug is gonna pose so perfectly. All salads are crunchy, sep tator salad. Bug was prolly the freshest part, cause you put it in their.


Omg my toddler and I shared a Cesar salad bistro bowl and we both had constant diarreah. I am never eating those again




I wholeheartedly agree that the Ready Pac salads sold at Walmart and at other stores are horrible. Recently I bought several to have as lunch at work.

I was upset when I opened at three salads BEFORE their expiration date and the lettuce was already bad. I contacted the company and they said they would send me coupons to try them again.

Well, I tried them again: I opened a salad for lunch and gagged at the smell of the spoiled meat and lettuce. Quality control is horrendous with this company.


WalMart is responsible because they are the reseller of these products and as such, are tacitly guaranteeing their safety. The producer of the packaged food is ALSO responsible.

Not that this would extend to a lawsuit, but in such a case, one would sue the retailer, and if there was a settlement, the retailer would then sue the producer of the packaged foods to regain their loss.

Our food laws are so weak in this country that nothing will be done in any case, even if there was harm.


Not very bright, are you? WalMart is just a reseller.

They do not package the product. If you want to blame somebody, blame the company whose name is on the product.


Rude much?!?


The premier bagged salad mix company Fresh Express went through a nightmare when someone found a frog in their salad. You have to use your head..if you're eating a product that grows in the ground in dirt you're going to find a bug or frog or who knows what.

Buyer beware. Look at your food before you eat it or cook it.


to the ANON comment----Regardless both walmart and ready pack should be held accountable. Their is such a thing called quality assurance, which their is clearly lack of.

I am severely allergic to Bee's had I ate this considering I don't know what type of bug this was from all the sogginess. I COULD HAVE DIED...then their would have been way more then a post from me.

First Born Triplet

If they don't package their salads then it is not their fault, but it could be their fault, the bug could have came from their store, or it could have came from your own home you never know.

@First Born Triplet

that is so cool you are a triplet! do you look like each other?

my friends are twins; boy and girl. they are always being asked if they are identical? yeah ... right a boy and girl identical?

any how, hope you have a nice New Year.

what are we talking about here?


Was the package sealed when you bought it? How can Walmart be held accountable for something they didn't even know was in the package?

Or did you buy an opened salad and now you are complaining?

When someone is allergic to bees (you spelled it incorrectly) they are allergic to the allergen with the stinger. When you eat the stinger your stomach acids neutralize or destroy the bee and its stinger. In other words, you would have had the same reaction as when you eat Peanut Butter.

Why? Because Peanut Butter is one of the foods allowed by law to have bugs in it. Lots of food have bugs in it.

Yea you could have died.

More likely you will die from eating Chicken in a salad that was kept in a fridge at work that isn't as cold as it should be and you get food poisoning. But that is okay; your loved ones would blame it on Walmart too.


Being allergic to bees means you are allergic to their venom. Eating a dead one won't harm you. Grow up!


Why would you put this complaint on Walmart when it is Ready-Pac that made the fly salad, not walmart.


I use to love me some Walmart years ago when they were new to the area. but about 5 yrs ago I bought a steak, ribs, or p-chops cant remember.

when I got home I popped *** in the plastic and the smell was putrid, but the color was ok, now I have always heard the meat dept dips meat in diluted bleach and rinse it off really well to get away with selling it for another week, but I didnt open the packaging any further to check under the meat but returned it the same day.

ONCE there the CSM in the front of the cashiers said we dont take back meat, this was before the commercials they have now talking about returning meat. I was so loud, irritated and frustrated and said I just bought this rotten meat less than an hr ago and everbody was looking. She said we will do it this time but not again, I YELLED YOU STOP PUTTING THAT ROTTEN MEAT ON THE SHELF AND WE WONT HAVE TO RETURN IT AGAIN.

Now do you think I went back there and got more meat. .I cant tell you what it was but it certainly was not meat.