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So some of my receipts are green but says $00.00 then the I tap on them they say I’ve gotten some money from some of the things I bought! The other problem I just had is i tried doing the saving redemption thing to transfer the money it said I had (which was close to $27.00) it took $25.00 away and only said I got just about $2.00.

I’m not sure what happened but I’m very frustrated, I mean it’s not difficult to scan a receipt nor does it take much time but it’s still simply a waste of my time to attempt if I’m not getting what I am supposed to!

Please contact me at my email and not on this site for I won’t be checking...

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is happening to a lot of people, and I feel like Walmart has been a little remiss in informing people how it works now.

Savings are automatically redeemed to Walmart Pay as a gift card.

If you go into the Redeem section you should see the Walmart pay option. If you click on that, you should see the option to add a credit card, or view gift card balance.

It should be in there.

When you want to use it, just open Walmart pay, cashier hits corresponding button, and it automatically *** the gift card balance from your transaction.

Not sure if this will help in your case but I hope so!


Please understand that this is not Walmart. This is just a web site to let people whine and make the owners money, nothing more.


Lol I feel really dumb now, but then again I just needed to rant about it. But I appreciate you letting me know, so I’m not waiting around for nothing getting even more frustrated!