Holmdel Township, New Jersey
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I ordered an intex pool 24x12'. I paid 139.00 for freight shipping to Holmdel, NJ.

I received Box 2 of 2. I was missing the box that housed the motor, liner, ground cover and pool cover. CD and directions were not included either. I knew the pool was arriving today so i took off work, paid 2 men 200.00 to assemble it, paid a caterer for my sons Birthday pool party this week and NO POOL.

I sent the men home with pay naturally and I am stuck with the catering even though the party is cancelled. My sons Birthday was ruined and now were off to making new plans. I called the cust service and spoke with a supervisor. They blamed Pilot freight trucking although their manifest stated only 1 box was given to them by walmart.

Walmart agreed to ship me another pool minus the shipping. That's ducky but, I wont have a pool now for 2 more weeks and I lost a thousand dollars and had to cancel a kids Birthday party. I am beyond upset and will never shop online with them again. Our business is also stopping all online orders from them.

HORRIBLE....... Lets hope this one shows up with both boxes and in decent shape.

Oh, did I mention that the one box that came was totally damaged???? Order number 2677268691700

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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To the idiots that replied to my review, I trusted them to ship on time. The worst part is when I told my son that his party was cancelled because they screwed up he started crying.

I lost my temper and told him the real reason I cancelled his party was because he was a bad boy. I told him I was returning all his food for the party, and everything and he would not have an seventh birthday party this year.

They screwed up and my son's crying really made me angry that I had to tell him that his party was cancelled because he was a big baby and not ready to turn seven yet. Now my son will look back at his seventh birthday with bad memories thanks to Walmart.


You're a terrible father for getting so mad you told your child it was his fault. Looks like you aren't mature enough to have kids yet.

You are an awful person. I hope your stuff comes ruined

First Born Triplet

I hope this is one of those cases where someone else posts on the review pretending to be the OP rather than having a verbally abusive parent.


Cancelling the caterer, installers and the party is not Walmart's fault. Why would you schedule all of that without the pool in hand?

"They told me to expect it on this date". They sure did, things happen. That seems like a serious case of jumping the gun which Walmart was not responsible for.

People did this all the time at my last job; got rid of their old sofa before they got the new one, scheduled an installer before they had the chandelier. Also if you knew the party was coming why not order sooner incase something like this happened?


That stinks but did you really have to cancel the party? Couldn't you have just changed the theme from pool party to backyard fun or something? You already had the food and guests so you could have still had his birthday.