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I ordered something online and received an email from notifying me of delivery failure. I was naturally concerned so I checked the email...

it happened to be a scam. I called Walmart and they had a recording ONLY about the scam. I now have a virus on my computer and they completely ignored me when I called and hung up on me. I now will have to pay $170 to have McAfee fix the problem.

The woman I spoke with was very rude and condescending. She simply said there was nothing at she would do.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Im sure the woman on the phone said there was nothing she COULD do and not nothing she WOULD do as you said.

Niverville, Manitoba, Canada #766931

How is telling you NO rude to you. You cannot always get your way, and not getting your way all the time does not make the other party rude.

to Anonymous #766988

hmmm, you sound like a rude walmart employee.

to Anonymous Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States #766999

Not sinking in, is it?

to MikeBrady #767026

Yup, lost cause. I work in Customer Sevice at a call center for a large company.

I never realized quite how insanely dummbb Americans are until this job. 95% of the calls are soooo incredibly asssinine! It is sad, the vast majority of Customer calls lack any common sense and I am constantly hitting the mute button and calling them, "You sstuupiidassz fkkcing sshiiittforbrains! Please don't breed!" Then I get back on the phone and have to deal with their crraap.

At least I work for a company that pays me very well to put up with these clowns. Their stuupiidity pays my bills and pads my 401k ha ha ha!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #766506

Mikebrady could not be more right..... And if you were running any number of free antivirus would not have gotten the virus.....this is what society has come to.....nothing is your fault....just blame someone else....pathetic

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #766504

Wal-Mart didn't give you the virus. If someone steals your identity do you think you should b responsible for what they purchase using it?

Why should Wal-Mart have to warn their customers about a scam?

That's what common sense is for, which to your credit,you exercised well. The only loss you suffered is the virus which has nothing at all to do with Wal-Mart.

to MikeBrady #766640

Walmart should have notified their customers about the scam. You are ridiculous.

to Anonymous #766647

HOW the hhelll is Walmart responsible for the scam? They're NOT the bad guy on this one!

Do you know how many thousands if not millions of effers make it their full time job at being criminal scam artists?!! So you were a victim, that sucks big time, but it's not Walmart's responsibility.

There are any number of scams going on at the same time that some of them W will not even be aware of! Use common sense you jjerrkk before being so quick to blame W!

to Anonymous #766648

Do you know how many scams there are? Probably hundreds involving Wal-Mart alone.

They can't keep up with them all - it's not like there is a list of scams to refer to. You are fortunate that you had a recorded message. What do you want - for the CEO to come to your house personally? This is your fault and the scammer's fault.

Nothing to do with Wal-Mart - as a matter of fact, they are victims as well, just as you would be if someone stole your ID. Always easier to blame others isn't it?

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