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I applied a year and a half ago at walmart for a credit card and got granted $800 credit, shortly after about 3 months, they sent me a letter increasing my credit limit to $1500. I use walmart credit card when I shop at walmart because it is only a walmart credit card.

I always payed it off right after the purchase so my balance statement is almost always zero or coming late after I already paid for my balance. Today right before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, they reduced the amount at $100. I had plans to shop a lots on Black Friday, but now that they did that I called them and requested to close my account with them. THEY JUST LOST A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.

And I will tell everybody how walmart credit card sucks.

I will use my other credit card that have away more credit limits anyways (AMEX, Amazon, etc..). By wamart will never see you again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Type your message here. The same happened to me.

First they lowered me to $100. Never missed a payment and was never late. Always only left at most a 10% balance. Now I log in to find they closed it.

I have other Synchrony accounts with 3x the limit and never had a problem. No love lost with the card iteself, but I am upset that this will effect my credit.


Don't fall for their credit cards anyways.

They are not offered for your benefit.

But I've always wondered what type of persons fell for that "black Friday" nonsense.

Now I know, thanks.


I had a similar issue with I was approved for credit.

I used some credit. Then the cancellations started coming

and I still have not been able to place an additional order. I have been on phone with agents multiple times and no one can

help me...I have not complaints about the financial reps for walmart credit...they were very helpful. But the actual order end is soooo frustrating!!!!

I too, missed Black Friday sales due to their errors with my account. I had

ample available credit....but orders continuously cancelled.......


And that’s our problem how?