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I've been a customer of the same Walmart for many years. Over the years I have had to make a few returns, but they were without hassle.

This afternoon I went into the same Walmart, the 2 items I needed to return along with the receipt. While they were items my girlfriend had bought and paid for with her debit card, she asked me, since I was going anyway if I would make the return for her. I get up to the cashier/CSR and was denied the ability to make the return, despite having the receipt. The girl at the counter advised me that without the physical debit card in my possession they would not be able to allow the return.

Now, in the past I have made returns purchased with a debit card and received cash back without EVER having to shoe the debit card used to make the purchase. The customer service lady was telling me this new policy as if I should have known, as if this was a police put in place for years. I advised her that this must be something new and the gentelman working alongside her said "it is", while she proceeded to tell me "it's not new". I said to her then, that if I had come in without the receipt they would have allowed it and given me store credit, yet here I am either the receipt and I can't even get the store credit.

I then told her that according to, the refund policy states that for debit card transactions, cash may be used as a refund option along with refund to debit card used.

I then asked if she could just give me store credit, and I was advised, in a more rude tone that the return is bring denied without the debit card present, period. I went to the next nearest Walmart, with the same receipt and same items, without the debit card again and was able to make the return for a cash refund with NO issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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It doesn't matter if his girlfriend or whoever would have went instead of him, it's the fact of being turned away because the untrained properly cashier pulled a power play on the poor guy, who's money/debit card was good enough to purchase the *** but not get his money back. So for the smart *** comments by the 2 prior to me, you must work there too and you are all the reason why there is such a low minimum wage in this country still.

The problem with this whole damn country is nobody is there for anyone anymore. Nobody works together.

And it's people like you who are turning this country to *** And if what happened to him happened to you?? It probly wouldn't cuz I'm sure you couldn't afford his items due to working there or collecting money off the good ol' USA!!


Why could your girlfriend Not make the return herself? That would have prevented all of these problems from happening?


He was treating his girlfriend like the queen that she is. She couldn't be bothered with doing something so beneath her.


He was probably treating her like the queen that she was, who was too good to have to do anything as lowly as return something to Wal-Mart.