Clarksville, Maryland
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Please DON'T BUY ONLINE ..... I brought A NEW subwoofer because my factory sub was blown I went the radio shop to get installed they took my backseat out when they was about to install the speaker they noticed it one of the ports WAS BROKEN so now I'm out of $100 for labor then my other order came in it was some leather wipes when I open the box the container was open and the seal it has been open and the wipes are completely dry!!!!! customer service refunded it but I'm still out of $100 so DON'T BUY ONLINE they sell refurbished items like their new items so pissed right now I would never ever shop at Walmart again not even in the stores I know they don't care just wanna Save other people from this headache and possible money loss

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Just to be clear....u said the port was broken so it would be broken merchandise right? Cause if it were refurbished it would have been fixed by the manufacturer and sold back to walmart to sell to their customers. But at least it would work!!