Wauseon, Ohio

Deliberately bad service at the auto center in Wauseon,Ohio. Totally unprofessional and backwards country bumpkin service!

I have always been a good customer to Walmart before yesterday when I came to Walmart to get a new tire on my truck. The tire that I had on was a spare that was in bad shape and I needed a new one put onto my main rim. The spare was going flat but he didn't care. He just told his service tech to throw some air into it, so he did.

The man went to look at my truck and he asked me why it was leaning a little. I told him its nothing to worry about ,please just mount and put on my new tire onto my main rim that I had in my truck bed because this spare is dangerous to drive on and I have my kids in the car with me. I was planning to have the lean repaired, but he refused to jack it up and only mounted my tire. He said this is a liability for us very nervously.

I said to him ,"what is the matter with you people!? This is a liability to me."I told him that I am just asking you to put it on because I only have a scissor jack and it will be tough to get off and the spare is bad, but he kept insisting it was a liability to them. Even the manager came in and weirdly stared me down for about 5 minutes not saying anything. So I left without saying thanks and I was really upset.

I only drove about 2 miles and my spare blew out on a busy road so I had to call my friend, he came out and helped with change it laying halfway in the roadway because we couldn't jack it up in the grass.

I had to direct traffic around him due to where we were. I nor none of my friends or family will ever go back there again!!

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I went to wauseon Walmart today.. I bought a CD and when I opened it the disc was slit.and the manager had the gull to excuse me if doing it.

I shop there a lot they get a lot of my business.

I'm about to not even shop there anymore .. They are rude, obnoxious, & have no respect for any of the customers ....


So, your truck is broken. You should probably get it fixed if it's in that poor of shape.You still drive your kids around and that could be even more dangerous than a spare tire. Maybe a little upkeep would do you some good.