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When visiting the Shallotte, North Carolina store and placing several items in my cart to purchase, I began to look for an open check-out stand. The three stands that were operated by humans had lines that were very long, so I continued down to the cluster of eight self-check out registers.

Once there I noticed that six of the eight self check-out stands were in use. I then pushed my cart into this area but noticed that the two open stands had hand-written signs that read "credit card only," so I backed up with my cart and decided to wait until one of the other stands opened up.

While backing up, the supervisor of the self check-out area motioned for me to go to one of the open machines with the "credit card only" signs. I told her I was paying in cash and that those machines were out of order for cash.

She told me "They are all credit card only."

I said "You are kidding me, I am paying in cash."

She said "Then you will have to go wait in one of the other lines if you are paying cash."

Again, I said "You are kidding me" and with that I let go of the cart and walked out of the store without buying anything.

During my previous visits to this store, I have always paid cash at the self check-out registers. Today, the less-than-friendly supervisor acted as though this had never happened.

Why should I be penalized for paying cash for my purchases as I have done all of my life?

How much longer will the American public permit such leadership in the retail industry?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Grapes, Minneolas, Hobby paint.

I didn't like: Employee attitude, Cash policy, Understaffing.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Apr 09, 2016.
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Man, a lot of the people posting comments are total a-holes. Wal-mart isn't a charity.

They're a business seeking to employ fewer people by replacing them with machines. Ethically, they are not in the right.


LOL. If I were the supervisor I would have waved and said "Good riddance.

Don't come back. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye." :-)

PS. Have you ever thought about getting a job, opening up a checking account and getting a debit or credit card? Not sure where a dummy like you could get a job though.

Maybe Walmart? OMG that would be hilarious if you applied for a job and the same supervisor was in your interview.


Yea I thought it was an inconvenience too, and I was wondering the same thing...but you've got issues lady, throwing a tantrum because you couldn't pay with cash at a self check out. I wasn't even there but I guarantee isn't wasn't the employees who had an attitude it was you.

Victorville, California, United States #1249016

You are the perfect example of an entitled American . There are people dying of terminal illnesses in the world . How dare someone not accept your cash and make you wait in a long line .


The person who posted the main topic must be an ***.


Look at this as an outsider would, and you look like a total ***. I guess that's what happens when someone has never worked a day in their life.


I agree with you that the supervisor was in the wrong, she should have known that you are too young to have a credit card She should have used common sense when telling you to get back in line. The machines were out of order for cash, what did you want them to do wave a wand and make the machines work again.


And how do you pay cash at a self serve? Who opens the supposed till to put the money in?

to Anonymous #1143486

You are the ignorant one here. The self service registers at Wal-mart have bill acceptors and also dispense change. I expect they were too laze to fill the registers with money to dispense change.

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