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My wife dropped me off at my doctor appointment. She took our truck to Walmart for an oil change.

While she waited, she went to the photo department, printed out some of our digital wedding photos, including an 8x10 that printed behind the clerk's counter. She took her receipt from the photo printer to the counter and asked for her 8x10. The woman, whose name is not on the receipt, demanded to see the rest of our photos and gave my wife a hard time. She looked through the photos and made noises of disgust and refused to sell us the prints, due to the content.

While this is none of anybody's business, we are lesbians and just had a wedding at the end of October. My wife thought it would be sweet if she printed and framed photos of us and our family to hang in our house. She has never been discriminated against for being ***, and to be denied the sale of some prints of our own personal photos is appalling. I spent the rest of the day trying to reach the manager on our receipt, MANAGER JOHN ADAMS, to no avail.

My wife was heartbroken and cried when she told me. I asked her if she got the woman's name. She didn't.

I asked her what she said or did to the woman, and my wife told me she was so shocked, she said nothing more than to sell her her prints. I'm highly ticked off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1278984

Are the photos professional prints? If they are, you need a release from the photographer to reprint them.

THAT is the law. If the photos were nudes, you are SOL.


Two questions: Were any of the photos of questionable content? Walmart will not sell any photos of nudity, sexually explicit content, etc.

Were any of the photos taken by a professional photographer? Walmart cannot sell reprints of professional photos without a copyright release being presented by the customer, that is actually due to copyright laws.

If neither of these were the case, then I don't know why they would have denied the purchase of the photos. If either of these are true, then no discrimination took place, just policy.

Houston, Texas, United States #1277139

Are you sure that *** marriage is recognized in Georgia?

to Anonymous #1277192

Same sex marriage is recognized nationwide.

to Anonymous #1277479

I mean have you been to Indiana? Walmart is not required to follow the same rules as say the lady in KY or TN or whatever hillbilly place that was forced to issue a marriage certificate.

Just look at the place...it's called St Mary's, GA...doesn't sound like a friendly place too me.

Doesn't make them right but I guarantee you wont see a black person surprised about getting racially profiled or discriminated against in say Texas. Unfortunately this is the world that we live in.

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