Salt Lake City, Utah
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I mistakenly had an order shipped to an old address. Even though this order was and had been lingering in "processing" for days, they refused to cancel it or change the shipping address.

You would think in this day of technology changing a shipping address, especially before it has shipped, would be a simple thing. I also tried to get them to intercept my package with the carrier.

This did not happen either nor was this package eligible (for some reason) to be held at fedex so I could pick it up there. I am very disappointed in this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Next time before ordering something online get mommy's permission, also have her there with you to make sure you don't give your old address. Everyone makes mistakes, it is possible for an adult to do what you did, but what separates you from adults is that you are not taking any responsibility for your error and blaming the company 100 percent.

That is how I knew that you are seven years old.

You should only be disappointed in yourself for not giving the right address. If you actually are an adult you have some growing up to do.


Most major online retailers will not change the shipping address for an order in process. Reason being is the order is pulled by robots in an automated warehouse.

Hardly any humans touch your package. So one of the handful of humans in a million square foot warehouse now has to try and track down your one little package to change the address.

It's just easier to not allow it/say it cannot be done.

Now some shippers will attempt to change an address with a package in transit, however even then they cannot guarantee this will be done and not all shipping companies/delivery methods allow this.


I like how this child refuses to take any responsibility for her mistake and totally blames them. Adults make the same mistake as she did but what makes me know that this is a young child is that she is blaming them 100 percent for their mistake and not accepting any responsibility.