Warner Robins, Georgia

the individual is mentally challenged and is unable to shop for themselves therefore they have someone shop for them. this individual has shopped at wal-mart for many years without passing a bad check or having complaints.

there have been other issues with this particular store site with staff who either did'nt know what to do or seemed to not care if the customer received a satisfactory answer to their problem. do wal-mart exec. read these reviews or do they think the're the only act in town?

watson blvd, warner robins ga store, thur. march 29 2012

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The OP is just p i s s e d because s/he couldn't use a check to purchase himself a new TV.


IF she is mentally challenged maybe she spelled her name wrong or something that is why it was declined, or maybe she thought she never had bad checks but forgot about them because of her mental challenge. Then again I think the OP is mentally challenged too with their poor gramma and spelling. Also it is 2012 who writes checks these days.