Duncan, British Columbia
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Very poor customer service, refused to help 20 mins before closing, after waiting 5 minutes. Called the DUNCAN store at 8:45 am when the manager BRAD wasa to be in.

Some other manager gave me the run around. This is not the first such occurence from that store. Really great at taking your money,very poor at helping. The clerk behind the deli counter last night was all too intent on getting off work and not helping.

The manager Brad told me last time to contact him, More double talk and *** poor service.

I don't know if I'm going to go back the trhat store. Wal mart is not good for the local economy where they set up shop and I think I'm ok with paying a little more to suppport the little guy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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at our store you must not go over on time or you will have to take a longer lunch period to eat up extra time over your scheduled shift hours. Failure to do this can be a write up or cutback in your scheduled hours.


Our TLE closes at 8pm, we are required to take vehicles until 8pm by policy and leave at our scheduled time of 8pm by policy, and not acquire any over time. Needless to say we take until 7:30 unless its an emergency. Negligence on you part does not warrant an emergency on ours.


You mean people really want to go home after work?????


if your talking about the deli what wasnt you their earler to shop they dont get paid enough to go above and beyond what do you expect


How selfish of someone not wanting to help the "little guy." We ought to stick a cow in the top floor of their house. Usually takes a crane to get it out.


How selfish of the employees for wanting to go home after their shift is over. Some people...