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Update by user Mar 30, 2014

In regards to this post....On Walmart's website, it clearly states that they will take ad matched pricing without providing the ad. Obviously if the amount is significantly different, then that's a whole other issue.

From my experience, the difference was not significant AND I had the weekly ad in electronic form. This is a consumer complaint site, not a "curse someone out, call them names" site.

Original review posted by user Mar 30, 2014

The CSM refused to ad match a few of my items because they didn't have that specific ad on hand or because she herself couldn't find it (even though I had the ad on my phone.) Being that I have a toddler, I don't have the time to run around and collect every grocery ad. I look up the store ads online and match up what items I need.

Maybe they should educate their cashiers about their policy which states you DON'T need the ad physically there to get the matched price.

Please believe I was pissed that I wasted time writing down all my ad matched prices, to only be told that I couldn't use them. EVEN WITH THE STORE AD ON MY PHONE!!!!!

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walmart matches "printed Ads" , not online prices, not on my phone ads. freakin retard customers... makes me wanna puke.


I personally think they should go back to requiring the ad. I am a cashier, and honestly, about 1/2 of the ad-matchers are lying about the prices.

They purposely name a store they know we dont have the ad for (we only keep the ones from sundays paper). The other day, I had someone tell me that sunday newspapers were a dollar cheaper at the dollar store. They are brought in by a vendor and are the same price everywhere. The vendor sets the price.

I have had another person tell me that cupcakes ($6 and some change) were $1.50 at Bi-lo. Bi lo is one of the more expensive stores.

I havent seen baked goods there for under $4.

Walmart is becoming a name-your-own price store, and they are going to shortly take awway the ad-match altogether.


According to their website, you don't need the ad, but who knows what items you had that qualified.. It also appears that they load competitors ads into their pricing system.. And you're still a d.ipshit!


Walmart seems to pay trolls to troll this page and argue with any complaints. I guess it is better then stocking shelves for minimum wage they can come on here and make minimum wage pretend to be A WALTON and *** off all over the page.


It is not the company, they have better things to do than to pay a bunch of people to post silly complaints such as this, must be a teenager seeking attention. As for Lou he trolls everywhere on this site.


like what delete comments from the facebook page!! clearly Walmart tries it very best to control messages to the public and a great way to do it is to post nonsense on each and every complaint or do as they do on facebook just remove the negative comments


I seriously doubt their CEO's know how to control messages on facebook, no offense to anyone who works as their CEO, proof look at how their stores are ran.


Thanks for your opinion. I only posted this remark because this is my first time ever having these problems with the Walmart I grocery shop at.

The price differences weren't significant. I've never had to provide an ad before, so why now? It's not like I ad match every single item in my cart every single day.

If you took the time to READ my complaint, you would have seen that I had the ad on my phone. Maybe you're the one who needs to be using your head?


Bring the ad.. They don't match online prices! Read the fine print d.ipshit!


It wasn't an online price dipsh*t. It was the stores ad, which they post online. READ

First Born Triplet

Wow do you talk to your Toddler like that?

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For your information I do, I call him a dipsh*t when he disobeys me, when he has a stinky diaper. Do you have a problem with that dipsh*t? I called him a *** when he refused to go to bed.

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At my WalMart it depends on the item you want to have ad matched, and the price difference. If it is a drastic price difference they usually want to see the ad.

That being said, being you look them up on line, why don't you take a minute for each and and print them out? On the front page of the WalMart ad that arrived in today's paper, it says restrictions apply. If you used your head you wouldn't have to run all over collecting ads, all you would have to do is get the editions of the paper that has ads in it. Apparently it never occurred to you that they have to see the ad to make sure the item you want matched is the exact identical one.

Where I live there are a couple grocery stores that don't put t heir ads in anything that I get delivered so I check them online and if I see something I want matched, I print out that portion of the ad. Furthermore, having a toddler shouldn't keep you that busy. They do take naps and they do go to bed at night.

I raised two kids, have four grandkids and one great grandson.