Mount Arlington, New Jersey

i will never shop wal-mart again and will tell everyone in my extended family and anyone i meet not to shop walmart.i went to walmart to buy a playstation 3 game,was refused service and treated rudely.6/12/11 07:47:49 st#2569 OP#00001418 TE#11 TR#07198 early morning go to walmart to buy game 6 minutes from my house.the store was empty except for one other customer,back of the store are the computer games,one sales person,asked her to help me find game,said no, pointed over there5or 6 times,by the way the games were locked up.lady at register was rude and told me don't complain to me ,not my problem.i could tell you much more but i'm running out of space and time. went to target bought game 8 min. from my house

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And to think I actually tried to get a job there in 1990! Glad I didnt! Maybe they saw that I was a lot more intelligent then their staff, as I then went an found a job that paid at least 3 times what WM pays!


I was in there the other day looking for those platic holders that hold baseball cards (for my many coupons) the only person that I could find to help me was the dumbest s.o.b. on the planet!

I followed her all over the store! She then tried to sell me a photo album!

I was like DUH, WHAT planet are you from?? From under which rock does Wal-Mart find these myopic bottom feeding morons that work there?


I am no *** you *** *** and its customers that are like you that make us look bad not all of Walmart employees are lazy and rude!


You just happened to run into a *** and lazy employee-----------typical at any Walmart in the country. All you have to do is look at some of the people they employ as you meander thru a Walmart.

People really should shop at Meijer if they have one in town, or just about any other store. Walmart has really gone downhill the past couple of years with the morons they insist on hiring.

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