Toronto, Ontario
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I was shopping at one of your stores. I got the last box Pot of Gold Chocolates.

All of a sudden this lady comes out of no where and grabs it. I ask her to give it back I had it first she said no. She said she should have it since her husband works in Home Office back. The last thing this lady needs is chocolate being 600 pounds and all.

I went to complain to the lady working in the food department. She said there was nothing she could do about it. I talked to the manager. He seemed petrified of this lady.

He kept saying the words, don't want her husband to fire me, don't want her husband to fire me. He was shaking as he said this. I finally grabbed the chocolate from her ran. Luckily she could not catch up with me since she had to carry her 600 pound body with me.

I gave her full money for the chocolate and a few quarters to call Weight Watchers.

My point is who cares where her husband works you should be protecting customers from psychos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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it sounds like MrsLea is more nuts that we thought.


Jedi, you crack me up. Keep up the awesome "complaints" :P


Keep this up babe and I wont be coming over tonight!! Im getting upset with the weight thing Im only 450 and you know it. Now shut up or there will be no mo candy for you!


"I finally grabbed the chocolate from her (and) ran!"...You could have walked slowly away from her and still be miles ahead.


She also said since her husband works in home office he can get one of the big wigs to alter the tape and make me look like a shoplifter if I did not let her have the chocolate, but since she reeked of gin and vodka I knew lost her marbles.