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I have four tractor batteries I purchased from the Wal-Mart in Lebanon, Ohio. They have never actually been used as to draining current from them. They have been recharged once.

As I live about 20 - 30 minutes away by car, I called customer service first as I no longer have receipts (they were damaged by water and were no longer legible). I explained I would be purchasing a different kind of lead acid battery. They said fine, bring them in. So I did, and took them to the auto desk as instructed. The ***-ociate refused to return the core charge, and when I went to the manager, he said I "..only had 30 days to return them anyway". Apparently he doesn't understand, derspite my explaining it to him, that the core charge is not a return but a deposit because of the recyclying neccesary.

They are also penny wise and pound foolish as I won't, of course, be buying a new battery there but also IO won't be sp[ending a dime there ever again.

As I worked for Wal-Mart for a time I am familiar with the idea that once they have money, no matter what the idea is to keep it, regardless of the situation, but this angers me enough to turn me into an anti-Mal-Wart activist. A core charge is a deposit, it's not supposed to be part of their profit. Now I have four tractor batteries I'm stuck with that I have no use for.

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The Local Scrap metal dealers will give you $7.50 in de where I take them


I had the same problem with cans of r134. $ 10.00 core and receipt laying in my garage somewhere.I don't understand the reasoning here with walmart.


Walmart have become crooks !!! they are not out for the people they are only here for a profit Walmart is the bunch of crooks !!


Why do I have to leave a core deposit if I'm buying a brand new battery, so if I buy a new pair of shoes I have to bring the old pair back? I thought you only leave deposits if you buy a re manufactured item. It's all a scam most people don't bring the cores back for different reasons and they keep their money.


It's to "encourage" you to bring back the old one that its replacing so that it can be recycled properly. Most people do.

I've never had a problem with battery core refunds, you just bring it back to the Auto desk. I've even done them as far as 6 months later.

The only problem with core deposits comes when the battery is for a new application and you do not have batteries to return.. Then it's a charge unless you can find an old battery laying around somewhere.


It is for recycling purposes because it is a battery and not allowed to be thrown away. Walmart does not do this themselves, they are just made to by regulation. Bring the old battery back with your receipt to be recycled and you can get that money back.


yup, thats the last time I buy anything at walmart. I have the existing card used to puchase, and they claim they channot lookup this way.


Same thing happened to me. They won't return my core charge.

It's going to cost me $12 extra if I wanted to buy the same battery. That doesn't make any sense.


Sounds to me like you screwed yourself


You shouldn't let those bastards get away with that!


bring them directly to a metal/battery recycler. You will probably receive $10-15 each for them. While you are at it, bring along your scrap aluminum!


Next time do what I'm gonna do. I am going to throw the batteries through the front glass door of walmart.

Boohoo. Tell me where you are from I want to come see you boy


Take the batteries to a metal recycler. They'll give you most of your core money back. Better than nothing.


Shut up. Don't comment on this letter.

***, ***, dummy, ***, punk. I used to work for them so I know this won't put them out of business.

I was banned from shopping there for a year after I was fired for stealing from them. Now I am banning myself for life, shut up dummy I won't be back you don't know me.


"They are also penny wise and pound foolish as I won't, of course, be buying a new battery there but also IO won't be sp[ending a dime there ever again."

That will really put them out of business. For every person like you who does not spend a penny there anymore they have ten more who will.

Assuming you are not just saying this in anger. I know people who work in retail and children such as yourself say this all the time and do return.


I forgot to mention that Walmart told me to come back in the morning to test the battery before they give my a core charge. I had the receight for the new battery and did what they said. I never came back.


I bought a new battery from Walmart. The cashier told me to bring the old battery back for core refund.

I came back one week later with receipt. I was told to wait on the side for 10 minutes while management discussed what to do. I felt like people thought I was scamming the system. I don't think that it is legal to throw away dead battery.

So I dumped mine on the doorstep of Autozone. I don't think Autozone is to thrilled about giving core charge either.

I went to Pepboys to dispose of oil. They said that it is illegal to accept more than one gallon.

I pointed out that their ledger shows someone left 4.5 gallons. But they still declined to accept more than one gallon. I goto the city dump now to dispose of oil.

Because no one is thrilled about recycling. And we recyclers are treated like crooks.


So Wal-Mart didn't give you the money they owed? You should have walked out with product from their shelves.

So Autozone wouldn't take the oil? You should have dumped it on their counter and left.