Saint Louis, Missouri

I recently made a large purchase of after Christmas items, from my local Mexico mo. Wal-Mart store, only to return to find thee items had been reduced further.

I addressed this with a Wal-Mart manger on the floor and was told that I could not receive an adjustment on my purchased, however I could return the items and repurchase them for the current price in which they were ringing up at the register for at the time of purchase. My husband went in to return the items and repurchase them as I was instructed and was told that he could return the items but would be unable to repurchase the items at current price. He and my self over the phone spoke with a manger by the name of Mapher which stated that a manger hire up than her self by the name of Rebecca who was an assistant manger said that she would not resale the items to him. Mapher stated that she was only doing as she was directed and could do no more.

I clearly asked if they were refusing to sell the items to us and Mapher stated that was correct under her mangers above her decisions. I clearly do not understand why I was unable to purchase the items at current price. I could understand if this was a return with out a receipt or some sort of scam. I was only trying to obtain Wal-Mart’s slogan I defiantly was not allowed to be able to save money, so living better, I guess that depends on how much better you want to live.

I hope this is an extremely rare case but for Mapher to reference a manger for a return with a receipt it leads me to believe that this happens more often. I was only doing as I was instructed.

I had spent several hundred dollars so I do not believe I was being unreasonable to find a day later the items were much less, I shop Wal-Mart because the value who doesn’t?

Monetary Loss: $200.

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This is CRAZY.Some people complain about anything.Get a life .Find something to do with yourself outside of causing other's problem's.WTF.I do not understand why?You would even want to haul everything you say you bought back to walmart anyway's.Maybe you should shop a day later than you usually do.***.


no store will adjust receipts to clearance prices. Further, they will not let you return and repurchase the same items that you just returned.

They will let you return the items and then go to the floor and find the items again, however. If they are out of stock it would be too bad for you. Do you realize what that would mean if stores adjusted receipts for clearance merchandise? People would save their receipts for all their christmas purchases and get the markdowns after christmas.

Why would any store do this? Quit being greedy and get a life.


Macys always adjusts receipts to clearance prices but only at a limited time...