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Last night, I was too drunk to drive. I was even too drunk to walk. Being a good citizen and not putting people's lives in danger by drinking and driving I gave my son the keys to my car and told him to go to the wal-mart and get me some beer.

My son came home without the beer, when I asked why he said that they would not sell him the beer because he was only twelve. He even stated that the beer was not for him but for his father who is too drunk to go to the store. This is not acceptable. Why could you not sell him the beer. I mean despite being twelve it was not for him it was for me. You could have atleat had him call me or called me yourself to verify that the beer was for me and not him.

I understand that you are not supposed to sell beer to minor's, but I think you should make draw the line and make an exception somewhere.

I would stop going to your store, but when I need beer I need beer. If I find another company that sells beer I will take my business there. Hopefully they will be more reasonable and understanding.

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Maybe you should buy a home brewing kit and learn to make your own beer at home.


Zachary, this letter was written as a joke. (One can only hope) this person did not actually send his ten year old son out to buy the beer, and he would not let him drink at age 12.


Untitled, you are the *** if you think this story is real. It is fake just like his other story where he claimed he held up the wal-mart cashier at gunpoint, demanded money and told her to have a good day when she refused to give it to him. I have to admit it is fun to see these funny letters.


In America, Beer is not allowed to be sold to ANYONE, doesn't matter who it is, under 21, even if its not for them. Your kid isnt allowed to drive especially if hes under 16 because you cant get a permit or license at 12.


Next time, buy extra beer for yourself, then you wouldnt have this problem, and dont let your kid drink until he's 21. Then, you wouldn't have this problem, and people wouldn't think your such an ***.


Okay, now, everyone in their best Homer Simpson voice....Mmmmm....beer.....


Do you live in France? Because here you have to be 21 to drink?

Where and some countries 19, but if you can drink at 12 and a half, you must live in France, or Ireland. Either way in all those countries I will still be too young to drink.


your future vice president approves of this post.


So this means that On April 30 2009 I would be allowed to drink in your house because I would be 12 and a half. I would love to live in your house and not wait till I am 19.


This letter is fake, a juvenile's way of making us all laugh. I bet Max here himself is 12 years old.


Hey Max, while your son's at walmart ask him to pickup a sixpack for me.


That's it I am calling social services.


why would you want more beer when you are already "off your face"?

sending a 12 yr old to drive is just as bad a s Drinking and driving.


:? You sent your 12yo to buy beer

and drive your car :?

So what you are saying is I should drive drunk to get my beer, I was already wasted when I wanted another one. Besides even if I was not drunk my favorite TV show was on.

:? And to top it off ... you are pissed at walmart for not selling the beer to a 12yo.


Basically yes, I am pissed, the beer was not for him, it was for me. I would never allow my son drink he is too young. I would wait until he is 12 and a half(1 more month) and old enough to drink. They should have called me to confirm the beer was for me.


The moderators allow complaints like this, they don't send it to the company, they usually change the category to "funny complaints" just look at my letter "you got my 13 year old daughter pregnant" It is under funny complaints instead of wal-mart.


I guess this site is a complete joke!

Isn't there a moderator?



You sent your 12yo to buy beer :?

and drive your car :roll

This is either a very bad taste in a *** message


You are undeniably the worst Parent in America.

And to top it off ... you are pissed at walmart for not selling the beer to a 12yo.