Orange, California
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I went shopping in your Orange California store. I wanted to check out fast.

I had about 1000 items in three buggies. I went to the ten or less lane with my three buggies. The cashier said I had to get into a regular lane because I had more than ten item. I told her to go fudge herself because ten is just an estimated number.

She refused to serve me and I refused to let the customers behind me go ahead of me by blocking the path. Several of them flipped me the bird and one of them called me an *** but I refused to budge. I even threw myself on the ground and threw a temper tantrum because I did not get to buy the items. The store closed and everyone left but me and the manager.

I had a showdown with him. I refused to budge. Finally he allowed me to purchase my thousand items.

He told me to go, and get the *** out and come back after I had some Prozak. (I will be returning them all in a week and I won't take any *** from you saying I cannot return them.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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It must be true! Cuz I read it on the internet.


knowing walmart they would have called the police and had you banned for life within the first 30 minutes. So, total fake.


Clearly this is fake as Walmart is open for 24 hours.


Duh, the Op (actually the OP's cousin) already acknowledged this was made for fun.


Not all WM's are open 24 hours.


I know what Prozac is but what is prozak?? *** :sigh


What a POS you are. If you have more than 10 items get the *** out of the 10 item lane and go wait like everyone else.


What I cannot believe is that people take this seriously. This is obviously a troll complaint, possibly a parody.


Thanks for the laugh!


Quit trying to be a wise guy, it is unbecoming, even to a *** like you.


Well the thing is I am a wise guy, and I mean wise guy as working for the mafia. The thing is this is the first time someone said "no" to me.

Well actually not the first time. They usually follow the word "no" with the begging of "please don't"