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I wanted to return 2 inflatable beds because of the they were very uncomfortable. It has been just 3 days since I bougth them, I had my receipt, the whole box and everything included.

But the manager (!) of the store and two of the associates almost walked on me, very rude...They said non of the Walmarts take them back because of bed bugs etc. I understand the reason but I should know this BEFORE I bought them!

There was no notice on the shelves what so ever...They said they keep putting the notice but people rip them...Not my problem!

Target took it back last year with no problem at all...

As a customer I deserve better customer service, kindness and knowledge before the purchase....

Monetary Loss: $180.

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First Born Triplet

telling you no is not the same as being rude.

@First Born Triplet

This person sounds like they are ten years old which is why they mistook being told no as rude. By this child's logic, if someone took down all the signs warning her about shoplifting she would think it is okay. I bet this child expects them to hire one employee to stay in the area and keep putting the signs back after a customer or employee takes them down.


Something is wrong here why do you keep buying them and returning them


What do you buy the air beds for short term use and then take them back? sounds like a rip off to me.