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Every time I go there it's a issue with not enough registers open either I have to stand in line for a long time or go to customsr service desk and ask them to open another register. They always have a lot of self check out open well some people don't care to use them and I am one of those.

I have shopped at food lion for over 15 yrs I like Walmart, but before this one was built I had to go a distance to another one so food lion it was, this is a new one I go to now which is like ten minutes from my number 7hwbgy295rfh located in va Bach va 23454 on va Bach blvd.

the cashier said associates call out sick and I know this happens because I was a retail store manager for 30 yrs in one store , but this happens all the time when I go there, this time I got in a line where there were about 8 other people ahead of me, stood there and the I had to get out of line to go to rest room, when I came back that was still the only register with cashier, believe it or not the same people were still at the front and more people were in line so I think you should have enough associates to assist customer service at registers, there were associates working on floor use some of them to assist,stocking can always be done but customers service comes first. i know you have to wait no matter where you go doctors etc, I believe this should never happen I thank you for listening to my complaint

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Shopping at this store.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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If you don't like it quit going there, it is real simple. The people doing the stocking aren't trained as cashiers, they are hired as stockers.

When you go to customer service and ask them to open more registers you are wasting your own time. If you had stayed in line you might have been done going through the line by the time you got done messing around. Of course you couldn't wait to go to the rest room until you had checked out. I can see complaining if everybody ahead of you had a cart full of stuff, but I bet a good part of them only had a few items and it wouldn't take that long.

I don't understand people complaining about things that aren't important.

Do you realize that if they hire more people to fulfill your impatient needs prices will go up?


Shut up and go to Target.