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4 out of 10 item prices higher at register then was marked on the shelf. Item 1.98 on sticker on the shelf rang up 3.98 at register.

Ham marked 0.98/lb on cooler case, all sticker prices 1.68/lb. Chicken thighs on cooler 1.68, tag marked 1.78/lb. Want to save at Walmart, check your register tape. All the items were higher at the register than marked on the shelves or coolers.

Returned 3 days later and checked on just one of the items. Shelf prices still 1.98 and still rang up 3.98. They gave it to me at 1.98 but no one changed the shelf price! I asked what would happen the next time a customer comes through with that item.

She said I guess they will pay the 3.98. Walmart must think their customer are ***.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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