Syracuse, New York

Wal~mart Management needs to remember where they are in relationship to the customer when mouthing complaints about their co-workers. I was in the Aubuen New York store to shop for a Nikon camera and a lens at the photo center.

The young man behind the counter was very nice and knowlegabe about the product. The blond lady manager screemed at him to go on break NOW. REMEMBER ME I AM THE CUSTOMER. SHE DID NOT TAKE OVER SO HE COULD GO.

Remember you do not lose a send it down the road.

I was waiting for my one hour film developing to be done. (Which took two hours). The woman manager came out of the back talking in a loud nasty voice to another manager about how they were going to "get rid of their older co-workers. Either get them to retire or lay them off...age descrimination?

It is bad enought that they only have one or two registers open at 11 PM to service the customers ( I work 3 to 11) to cash out people.

The war wagon is out them. Managers are standing talking and the cashiers are trying to get customers out. At one time customer service was stressed for ALL Wal~mart employees.

I guess that is only the regular employees not MANAGEMENT. Thank you for demeaning the customer...I can shop elsewhere.

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@ Simon:

Please return to the playground you have wandered away from...your mommy is frantic with worry-- she can't locate her little boy.


It sounds like Wal-Mart isn't the place for you to shop. You should shop somewhere else or better yet, put in an application and share with them your vast knowledge about how to run a huge retail store.

I'm sure with your leadership, they could triple their income. Go for it!