Phoenix, Arizona
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This is the last time I will ever shop at a walmart for groceries, I have been shopping at walmart for most of my young adulthood and I am fed up with the repeated discovery of "fresh produce" with mold on it. This is unhealthy and unsanitary I would advise anyone who reads this to either stop shopping for groceries at walmart, and if u still insist on doing so check your produce very well before buying, even pre wrapped items like mushrooms or rasberries as these are the items that gave me the most trouble but even name brand bagged bagels have been spoiled and unnoticed till I arrived home. Once again I will never purchase groceries from walmart ever again.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Hey mulch ur *** what a *** name


I would have quit after the first time. Their whole grocery section lacks variety and almost nothing is healthy.

Ever notice the abundance of stretched out spandex there? It is for fat folks only.


So you are going to strike yerself out of a store for your own laziness and stupidity?

WOW is America getting ***.

No wonder you people voted for Obama.

Well enjoy the higher taxes and th incredibly *** administration. You people have really earned it!