Watertown, South Dakota

I bought a 40" Emerson T.V. at walmart after about a month the screen had a solid line across it in rainbow colors.

We called Emerson and sent it back for repairs after another month they called to say they could not fix our T.V. and was going to send us a new one to replace it. A month later we received a used reconditioned T.V. the front of it is all scratched up and just looks bad and it to has problems with the picture.

I can not believe you buy a new T.V. and someone thinks it is OK to send you back a used scratched up T.V to replace it with.

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i sympothize for everyone that has trouble getting their items repaired correctly, i have had issues in the past myself. i changed where i shop, i may pay a little more, but much happier on the service end.

that company has there own service department.

items were fixed at my house. somethings do go to shop for repair, but no problems.


sounds like the same thing with ours. we had to send it back to FUNAI for repairs 3 times.

1st time they sent it back to us they sent our TV to another state, then they sent it back and it still didn't work, then they sent us a refurbished TV that was scratched and the back wasn't fastened on the tv, this one didn't work either, they have just sent this one back, the same refurbished, scratched TV. it only took 4 months and many "on hold" calls.