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Update by user Jan 22, 2014

The Tablet was purchased ONLINE, but the Walmart system showed the location as "Old Town, Maine." The insurance was also purchased ONLINE in conjunction with the purchase.

Original review posted by user Jan 22, 2014

In August 2013, I purchased a Double Power 9" Android tablet with keyboard, USB cable and OTG cable. The Tablet 'locked' and could not be reset to factory state. Upon calling the 'insurer' I was told that a replacement tablet would be sent.

I was sent a Versi ST 7" Android tablet WITHOUT a keyboard and OTG cable. I purchased a lemon and insured the lemon, which upon failure was replaced with an all-together different lime.

The replacement is a smaller size and missing other components. I will place a call to the insurer to ask, "How does a 7" tablet replace a 9" tablet and where is the keyboard and OTG cable?" We purchase insurance to protect ourselves, yet the insurer protects Walmart.

It's time to place Walmart on the 'NO SHOP' list. With size comes arrogance... Find an electronics supplier --- I should say a RELIABLE, RESPONSIBLE electronics supplier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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  • inferior insurance replacement
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Why wouldn't you ask the insurer if they made a mistake before complaining online so poorly using "clever" analogies? Sometimes they make mistakes. If you want reliable like your said motto, don't buy cheap like you did.


To 'anon': Why are you replying anonymously? Something to hide?

Nevertheless, the insurer clearly was aware of the make and model of the tablet that failed because it had all of the information at its disposal.

Insurers seldomly make mistakes, unless it is to their benefit. The insurance policy clearly states that a similar product will replace the defective one, or a refund of the purchase price will be given. Nowhere does it mention that a lesser item will be provided.

Today I tried calling the fulfillment center that sent the replacement tablet and waited for over 53 minutes "for the next available agent." The email address provided by the center is invalid as my two email attempts were 'bounced' back to me.

The online complaint, hopefully, will provide me with a response either from Walmart, the insurer or the fulfillment center.

If not, my only recourse would be consumer protection agencies, the BBB or the FTC. This is purely an instance where a LARGE comapny *** on the consumer...


I was wondering if you had actually checked out the Insurance company that you are dealing with, before you purchased their product? It has been my experience that these "insurance" policies are rip off's, and you're a lot of times just better off going with an extended warranty offered through the company that actually manufactured the product instead of going through a third party.

I ALWAYS decline offers at check out as the manufacturers warranty is usually sufficient. If it is not, then I purchase a product that is. Oh, by the way, I too post as anonymous as I don't feel the need to sign up for an account and get spammed to death. Perhaps the person that replied to you earlier feels the same way?

There is really no sense getting angry at someone for wanting to stay anonymous! I mean, really?


The insurance company is a subsidiary of Walmart, so I presumed it was 'safe.' You make an excellent point of an extended warranty through the mfr, but will the mfr provide the extended warranty if the item was not purchased directly from them? I have had three unfortunate experiences with tablets purchased online from Walmart that I felt the insurance offered by them was a prudent decision (at the time).

I wasn't "getting angry at someone" who posted anon; I prefer knowing with whom I am interacting.

Thank you for your comment...