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I have had the worst experience with you customer service today. On 12/30/13, I made a claim because my table broke.

I followed the instruction in how to obtain a replacement one. Today, 1/7/14, I received a much inferior product that is no longer sold anywhere. I originally purchased a Double Power 7” Dual Core Tablet with 8GM Memory 1024x600 Hi Resolution HD screen + bonus kit and in return I got a Verzi ST Model DMX-ST7A. I called your customer service to inquire about this issue and was transferred to a supervisor name Jacob ID 506601.

Not only was he rude and arrogant on the phone, he informed me that they don’t have to replace it with the same item. I am outraged at what poor customer service I received today along with the false information I received when purchasing the care plan.


It's a scam!!! Shame on Walmart for contracting with such dishonest people!

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I too experienced a similar situation. I purchased a Visual Land tablet that I was pretty satisfied with.

But due to a cracked screen I had to file a claim.

I agree the Verzi ST (Model DMX- ST7A) is not worth spit. I know now to contact customer service and ask for refund in the form of a e-card so I can replace anything with something I really want.


LOL to *** funny dont purchase plan from Walmart they are awful. Placed a claim for my daughters tablet because the charging unit would not hold the charger plug.

Took me over a month to get the replacement. I placed the claim on November 29, 2014 and did not recieve it till Dec 24, 2014. I have had the replacement tablet for a week and not charging and wont turn on.

I call to get my money back because I am done..poor customer service!!!!! BEWARE of the WALMART Protection PLAN will be shopping somewhere else for my electronics.


Idk who you called. The product care plan doesn't work like that.

If you have a problem with it you call and file a claim.

Then they send you shipping labels to send it to them. If they cannot fix it, you will receive a wary gift card.


These sorry *** people did the same thing to me for my daughters tablet. I will not stand for it.

Has anyone else recovered a reasonable replacement yet? I will turn to violence and hurt people I work to hard for my money.


The same thing has happened to me. I'm going to call them and give them a piece of my mind. :x


Did you use the manufacturer warranty first?


Like someone else just posted -- I got a 7" as a replacement for a 10.1". The entire reason I purchased the 10.1" is because I wanted a bigger screen.

If I wanted a 7", I would have bought a 7". Thanks for the reviews.

I'm going to contact them to complain. It just came in the mail tonight.


We got the same tablet as a replacement for a malfunctioning tablet. I agree. It is a piece of *** and I have purchased my last protection plan from Wal-Mart.


All extended warranties are a JOKE a total profit maker for the company INCLUDING WORST BUY!! take it to a local repair shop ONE THAT depends on fixing stuff for a living NOT A FRANCHISE that hires flunkies.


When I read this comment it was as if this person had been spying on me. I have the exact same story, product and all.

Walmart is a joke and their replacement plan is a joke as well.

I have learned a valuable lesson as this was the first and last time that I will be done this way by Walmart. If you want to purchase a solid warranty then go to best buy.


Tellimg someone "no" and refusing to change the rules just for them is not the same as being rude.


Got the same tablet as replacement for a 10" one.... wish me luck