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On May 7 2014 I called in to customer service to requested a copy of a receipt for my business. I gave the CSM person the information she needed; half hour later I stop by the Walmart store to pick up that receipt; which it was ready for me.

On May 10 2014 I called Walmart at 10:00 am to request another receipt. I was told by Cindy who work on the customer service desk "They did away with that service" Informed her I was there 2 days ago and got a receipt; She said we can't do it. I asked to speak to her manager on duty. I spoke to Mr. Sonny; Assistant manager on the floor. I told him I was just informed by Cindy at customer service that Walmart did away making copy of a receipt. He tell's me if I am returning something I am not able to do it with a copy.

I informed him that is not what I asked what I request the receipt for. I needed it for my accountants; for my business that is all. He was not helpful at all to my needs and said that I must have misunderstood him.

I told him that they need to have better communication with customer service... Especially when they are working in that department and he need to listen to the customer request; not argue the point. He should not be a manager if he is representing Walmart. Poor management skill!!!!

The other problem is Lebanon Walmart worker are poorly dressed. They under shirts shows and they appears is very nasty looking. Need to be better groomed and they stand there talking about there problems they have with work and personal... Least to say; you need to send an under cover higher up to see what's type of store you run. This store is poorly setup and the price's don't much what it say on your shelf. "Needs more attending too. Please; I show the Albany Oregon store and they are fairly new.. It is very well maintained and the workers are nicely dress and clean. Why does Lebanon; Walmart look like there's.?????

Please do something about this!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You are all *** The man did not have the original copy of his receipt. He got them to print out TWO DIFFERENT RECEIPTS FROM TWO DIFFERENT PURCHASES.

Leave it to ignorant Walmart shoppers to turn something as minuscule as this into a race issue.

Grow up. And get a life.


Gotta be a troll I would hope... for his sake I hope he has more intelligence than this.


I doubt it, blacks have the knack to call racism for the smallest of things.


Wow, just read the commenter that played the race card. I am white and I would never ask Wal-Mart to print a copy of a receipt when I have the original.

It doesn't make any sense it sounds like you like getting services for free. Now that may sound racist and I don't care sense it is my opinion. I would also venture to say that you weren't discriminated for being "black" but for being ignorant.

BTW, thanks for the laugh always love it when the race card is played. :grin :grin


ever heard of that old saying look who's calling the kettle black... and you are business owner?...what is a shame is that you haven't the common sense to solve this business issue without troubling Wal-Mart.


Stop being so cheap and pay the quarter to make your own copies. Get off your lazy ***


You know what none of you have a right to judge me. I could make a photocopy of my own receipt but why should I when they can do it right away.

The manager must think that I am trying to scam them by returning an item on a copy receipt after taking it off the shelf, I wonder if he believes this because I am black. Well being racist is poor management skills as they should be trained not to discriminate. Then to lie and say that they changed the policy to disguise their discrimination is worse. I have never stolen anything or tried anything fraudlant however because of my skin color he is refusing go give a copy of my receipt just in case I do.

I will be taking legal matters because this is clearly discrimination. Wonder if they have the same policy if I were white.

First Born Triplet

Good luck with your law suit, discrimination is only if you are singled out, not if you have to follow the same rule as everyone else, quit playing the race card.


If the customer is wrong he has every right to go by the policy and tell them the policy, you are the one arguing because you cannot take no for an answer. It is not poor management skills it is poor skills for your not taking no for an answer.


Get mommy or daddy to make a photocopy of the receipt then, or if you are old enough to it yourself. So they are to believe you won't be making returns on a duplicate receipt just because you said so, the fact that you keep asking for duplicate receipts makes you look suspicious.


You could just keep track of the receipts responsibly in the first place.


If you got such a problem with this store (as you appear to)......speak to the manager or corp HQs......whinning on this site will solve little.


Yes, his whining will be about as effective as your whining on this to him!