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Hello, I posted a situation that happened to my wife who works at Walmart titled JOBS ARE NOT SAFE when a customer complains. I want to say that my wife had a face to face meeting with personnel manager and marketing manager and they immediately reinstated my wife's position and removed the level 3 coaching she got.

SHE FOUGHT WALMART and WON!!! They are now investigating the case specifically the store manager and the night manager. Guess the customer is NOT always right :).

Stand up for yourselves and fight for your jobs, do not let unruly customers and poor management intimidate you. Let this and the other post be your inspiration and NEVER give in.

Reason of review: right action took place.

Walmart Pros: Right action took place.

Walmart Cons: Took too long for a resolution.

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Yay you!!! I've been following your story and am so glad you got a good outcome.

I hope she can continue to work there because Walmart needs more employees who care about their job. They never should have done that in the first place.