Thank you.....the Diabetic Section in the cookie aisle has been stocked, and I loaded up! LOL

Regarding the diabetic ice cream I suggested, if there is a follow-up, it will probably take a while.

Keep up the good work.

Joe Bahlke

Red Bluff CA

Location: Auburn, Alabama

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Why is there no Clorox or Lysol wipes? Why does Walmart have sign reading Limit 1 item per Customer, when the shelf has been empty for months?

How can you limit what doesn't seem to exist anymore? Why is no one else upset that there are no Lysol wipes to purchase? The rest of you must be lazy and enjoy watching your children live and play in unsanitary conditions. Please help me encourage Walmart to carry these products.

I wont stop posting until I can buy what I need. I have plenty of money but no store will sell items I need. Why is no one else upset about this? Are you people some of the hoarders or do you just not care because you are too lazy to care if your family is exposed to bacteria or viruses?

Does anyone know what is going on with these Clorox and Lysol products? Please help me force Walmart to carry these products again.


Ramjet, or whoever you are, there is nothing hilarious about covid-19. You no doubt live in a city and are spoiled.

You honestly don't know what it is like to have worries or to struggle. I need to find sanitizing items, my father lives with me and he has black lung and he already struggles to breathe. I have no idea why you find that hilarious but you are a sick human being. I am not being overdramatic.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this: Where I live, our Walmart, dollar stores and grocery stores have not had any sanitizing wipes, latex gloves, masks or hand sanitizer since early March.

I wont wish death on anyone you love, but I pray that you almost lose someone in your family or watch them struggle to breathe. Why do you think it is funny that I want to protect my father, husband and children from this virus?


The reason you see empty aisles in the grocery stores right now is because people "load up" on products rather than purchasing for their current needs. Don't complain about empty shelves when you are one of those that causes the problem.


At my local Walmart, there has been no Clorox or Lysol wipes for 2 months. They have limit 1 item per customer notes on these empty shelves everytime I shop there.

Yesterday when I asked an employee a question about it, he said they wouldn't have any for months so I told him they should remove the notes telling customers to only buy one, he said it wasn't his problem and he wanted to finish sweeping the aisle, so I removed the notes, tore them into and dropped them on the floor.

He said he wanted to sweep, so I gave him a little more to sweep. I have no regrets.


Wow...You're a major a$$-hole. I'm not even going to bother explaining to you how entitled and ignorant you are.


Entitled is wanting to buy a Porsche or live in a mansion or win the lottery. I hardly think that wanting buy cleaning products to protect my kids, my husband, my father who struggles to breathe anyway since he has black lung disease, from this virus.

Do you have any idea the stress I feel to make sure he doesn't get it? Tell me how wanting to protect the people I love makes me entitled. I DARE YOU!!! Walmart has been out of Lysol and Clorox wipes for 2 months.

They have had plenty of time to get these products on the shelf. It didn't take nearly this long to get the toilet paper stocked back up. I am tired of excuses and you should be too. I'm just tired of putting myself and my family at risk by going to find products that I need.

I live in a small town with very few stores, my family is doing without things we need so don't you dare call me entitled. It is unacceptable and if you aren't angry about the lack of supplies you must be a hoarder, therefore part of the problem. I can only assume you have what you need or that you are content and already accustomed to wallowing in filth anyway. I have always tried to others and I am disgusted with people posting that we are all in this together.

Those are ridiculous words, they help NO ONE. Stores need to take action and get supplies on the shelves, instead of using their employee discounts to hoard these items before they make it onto shelves.


Please explain why wanting to have a clean house during pandemic and wanting to prevent illness in my family makes me entitled. I feel that all of us SHOULD feel entitled to have access to items we need to protect ourselves and our families.

Maybe you aren't afraid of catching this virus, or maybe you are too lazy to clean your house anyway, and that's why you don't care if you can find disinfecting wipes or not. I don't leave my house often, I am following covid-19 guidelines and doing what I can to slow the spread. When I do leave my home, I need to be able to find these items, otherwise I have put me and my family at risk for nothing. When I go in a store like Walmart, it doesn't feel safe so all I want is to buy what I need and get back home immediately.

I live in a rural community and it is so difficult when none of the stores have what we need.

No one will help us, residents in small towns are being done wrong during this crisis. We are being discriminated against because of where we live.


The replies here are absolutely hilarious. You should have been a drama writer. Maybe you are.

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