Parsons, Kansas
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The Chanute Kansas Walmart store has been here for Thirty years or more. It has always been reasonably maintaned as far as cleanliness of the restrooms are concerned.

But in the last year or so the conditions of the restrooms have turned into a place that you do not want to be in. There is a difference between high traffic messes and an obvious accumilation of not cleaning or wiping down stalls, walls, fixtures, and floors. The trash recepticals for the femanine napkins is always full and if not the odor from the receptical is always present. On the underside of the toilet seats are always built up with waste, and there is a terrible built up around the toilets and baseboards of the room.

There is a sheet on the door telling when and by whome that the room was last cleaned, which means absolutly nothing evidently. The supervisor is to blame as far as I am concerned because there can not be any follow up with these peoples job performance. If the supervisor does not care then why should their subordinants. These complaints can not be made locally and be taken serious.

They just make mental notes on who the complainers are and then try to make you feel as tho that your the problem. I am sorry but this is a health issue and not a customer service problem. The quality of the supervision is low and seems to only be getting lower.

Unfortunately for this area there are no other dept. stores of any kind, and if they are to get all of our buisiness because of no other options then they should make us all feel a little bit more safe in the Johns.

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Jason, as rude as you are in some of your comments, I must that chocolate bar story made me laugh.


I was a retail manager for 28 years, if it were up to me the public would use porta-potties. What the public does to restrooms is beyond resaonable for anyone without a bio-suit to clean up.


sick Jason.


It may be messy, but that is what happens when you and your friends get drunk in the washroom and use it as a bar, you lose control of your bowls and *** everywhere. Clean up your own mess.

A bunch of drunk frat boys does the same thing in the Kmart washroom. Then there is the Target Washroom it looks like a toilet exploded while it was full of *** I really wanted to eat chocolate and burgers till I went to the Target washroom.

The *** was in liquid form and looked like melted chocolate. It made me look at chocolate with disgust for a few minutes until I got to the checkout.