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Recently I have been experiencing bad customer service with the retail stores in teh local area. The door greeter are not doing there jobs.

Such as doing whatever they please. Not all but some. But when you go to report it to management the manager side with the employess and think that their empoyees are saints and they never do anything wrong. This world has turned against putting the customer first.

My recent experiences have been the employees first and the customer last. I have recently seen a person at a retail store in my area that I try to avoid because that person is a total nusence and cause trouble everytime I see this person.

Now I am totally suppose to avoid this person but this person does nto have to avoid me. Because this perosn is the saint of the front half of the store.

She can roam the store, do shopping and whatever she darn well pleases. Now you know darn well many of us would have already been fired over this. But managment is allowing it and allowing these people to steal behind close doors. Managment needs to take refresher courses on how to treat employees and stop playing favorites with there employees.

Whatever happened to the customer is always right. Now it is the customer is always wrong.

I deal with it every day at my local area retail stores. What if any can be done about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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If the beeper is going off with a customer exiting the store and the door greeter is in a trans and whating only the incoming customers and she is the only one at the door. Then how is she doing her job.

She is failing to do her job because she is ignoring the exiting person. And Target does not have the deals that walmart has. They are actually more expensive in price. I have priced lots of there items.

I should not have to pick and choose which door to enter to avoid this person. This particular associate is a roamer and like to roam from door to door while on the clock and that is not doing the job she was actually hired for. If she is to be a door greeter then why are the csm's letting her control them. I thought it was to be that managment and the csm's are to contol the employees.

Not the other way around. This person does not deserve to have a job working. There have been numerous complaints about wandering away from the door without telling another associate that she is leaving the door and she is not being watchful about making sure someone is ther eto cover for her. She just thinks she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants and managment lets her get away with it.

You figure it out which store it probably is not that hard. There has been numerous complaints on this store alone about how associates runs the store and not the managment. That is the biggest complaint of all. Managment will not take control of there people to make sure the job is being done properly.

They keep letting things like this slide right through and then everyone else thinks they can do the same thing but when when they do ti they get fired. I have seen it happen.


which walmart do you work at? how do you know stealing is happening unless you are involved?

management will always play favs with employees who actually work when they are at work.

sound like we are just writing things for attention. shop at target.


:( managment dosent always take the employees side believe i know i worked there a long time 12years and i was wrongfully accused of stealing from them they are a bunch of crooks themselfs