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They asked all kind of questions as if i was some kind of thief. They or not going bye the policy bit by the color of your skin.

My has just had a baby and she just needed gas and was taking it back to get home but doidnt have receipt. Now shes in the hospital because of a heat struck because of walking do to no gas in walmart parking lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Why does a customer do this when there is No proof of racism?

to Anonymous #1531249

I agree, unless the policy is only a certain race must have a receipt for returns this is not a case of racism. Now if the policy only applied to a certain race it would be racism.

The same rule applies to everyone not racism.

The OP needs to grow up, and the is the true racist. Would not be considering this a race issue the employee was the same race as she is.


That chip on your shoulder is getting bigger, is it not?


This is not racism. You had no receipt.

It does not matter what color your skin is. Same rule applies to every customer.


Racism. The same rule applies to everyone whether they are black, white, brown or green. This is NOT racism.


Did you bother reading what you wrote? I assume your wife was trying to return a product without a receipt.

Keep in mind most stores won't give cash back without a receipt, at most they will give a store credit. A store credit isn't going to buy gas. Anyone who purchases a product will have a receipt and should bring it to return an item. Someone who stole an item will never have a receipt.

That is why stores question returns without a receipt. As far as going to the hospital, she should have never left your house if she was in such a fragile condition she would get heatstroke walking in a parking lot.

to Anonymous #1529582

I agree this is not a race issue. It does not matter what color skin the imbecile had.

He or his wife was denied the return because they had no receipt, not because of their skin color.

If the same policy applies for everyone it is not a race issue. The policy is not by skin color but whether you have a receipt or not.

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