I purchased 2 chairs online from Walmart. My husband tried to put them together and the parts are not the correct parts for the said chairs.

I called our local Walmart and told them this and they said to just bring them in with the paperwork.

This Saturday 12/ 5/20 we did so. The customer service supervisor at the East Setauket, NY store said that they can not be returned at the store because they were sent from a third party.

According to my bank account, a third party did not take my money, Walmart did. So now I have these chairs that are defective that I had to cram into my 2 seat car and I am driving around with them.

Where do I go from here?

How do I return them? Can they be picked up from my house?

Order # 557204*-203529 Item # BSHD1007-1 10/13/2020 Customer PO# 9193****

Theresa Power 25 Urbans Road Sound Beach, NY 11789 $176.42 before taxes

User's recommendation: Don't purchase furniture.

Location: Islandia, New York

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