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I went to Walmart grocery store, in Las Vegas, NV. On S.

Lamb Blvd. I told Manger there," I believe I left my EBT card here." They said yes. But we have 4 of them. Which one is yours?

Do you know the number on the card?"(oh, yea. Don't we all know the 16 digits on all our credit cards,debit cards?)I said," No. But how bout we run each card and I could try my pin number?" Answer NO..? Why because that is a demonstration of common sense, and resolve for the customer.

It's OK I understand why your manager. You follow your their *** rules. Thats what slaves do.

My as well put a bridle in your mouth.Then smile when you look in the mirror. And know your right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $190.

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you're a ***. why would they let a complete stranger try to use someone's EBT card?

I'm not saying you're lying but what if some random person came in and said they lost their EBT card but really didn't? so they try your little idea and try random PIN numbers for each card. chances are, they'll get it wrong. but who knows?

they might get it right and if the manager lets people do it that way, then there goes someone's EBT card.

in the hands of a stranger now. you should just get the proper identification instead of *** people off, they're just doing their job.


You complain about how they do their jobs, well at least they have jobs and don't rely on taxpayers paying to feed them. I bet you had a job at once and you were careless as you were with your card.

Katie, most people who are on EBT don't know how to read, not even their own name.


"Simple" is right. Simple for you to try a pin # on 4 different cards and walk away with the one that happens to work.

People like you, people that use EBT, they aren't very smart. I bet half of the pin numbers are 1234, LOL.


No, slaves get free food from their masters. Like you do from me on your EBT card.

I'm glad you lost it. A week without drawing from my tax dollars will do you good.


Sure, take advice from Tasha, who claims to be a 14 year old, about using an EBT card. After all, Tasha IS the voice of


She is doing that not only for your protection but for others as well they do that for everything that people loose before they give you a answer and like Katie said your name should be on the card.


Isn't your name on your card?


:cry For the manager to allow you to do that would just be unethical. Maybe you should be more careful.