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I called the Walmart in The Villages, Florida about a gift that I received through the mail. I have a receipt but it is more than 15 days from the original purchase.

The Store Manager was very rude, didn't seem to be compassionate about the cost spent, and basically hung up on me. Apparently she isn't having a good day. She denied giving me any further contacts to go up the chain of command.

When I called back the telephone operator put me on hold for twenty minutes, I then hung up and called back. Again, she put me on hold and never came back.

Monetary Loss: $190.

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Here we go again another six year old mistaking being told "no" and not having the rules changed just for them as rudeness. Sigh.


accept responsibility for what? Receiving a gift with an old receipt?

*** you you ignorant son of a ***. Mind your own business and get to steppin


They have a 15 day return policy on tablets. Why the need to go up the chain of command?

You're outside the return policy and you are subject to the same rules as everyone else.

Why blame the store for that? Time to accept responsibility and move on.


The person is six years old, it is hard for someone this age to act mature and responsible.